Kingston 32GB Micro SD Card with Adapter

The perfect solution for your device recording equipment. These work with all you devices as they come with an adapter. Remember small can adapt into big but cannot go the other way around!


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The one thing private investigators need to trust on entirely is their SD card for recording the all important evidence.

The Kingston 32GB Micro SD Card is perfect for that. As it comes with an adapter these SD cards will work with all of your equipment from you main camera/camcorder to your covert cameras.

Boasting transfer speeds up to 100MB/S with having the 32GB storage space this SD card is the go to for most surveillance professionals now.



  • Genuine Kingston 32GB micro SD cards
  • Kingston Canvas Select Plus
  • Class 10 SD Cards
  • 100 MB/S transfer speeds
  • Affordable like they should be


1x 32GB Micro SD Card

1x Micro SD Adapter

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