Bug Sweeping Services

Technical Counter Surveillance, more commonly known as a bug sweep or bug sweeping, will identify the presence of any electronic devices installed to remotely watch or listen to you. We can provide this service for large and small businesses, as well as to private clients who feel they are being monitored or spied on.

Let our expert technical surveillance counter measures team visit your home or business premises to find any hidden devices. These can range from a camera hidden in a smoke alarm to a listening device installed within a plug.

How much does bug sweeping cost?

As well as our private investigator Derby services, Delta 74 Private Investigations specialise in bug sweeping services.

Bug sweeping services will be undertaken on an individual case-by-case basis. This is because no two premises are exactly the same, and every case or situation will have different requirements.

Head over to our costs page to get an idea of the prices for our services or, simply give us call on 01332 498073 to discuss your concerns. 

How long does a bug sweep take?

This question will be entirely dependent on the size, layout and complexity of the home or premises.

Other factors will include the amount of electrical appliances, such as plug sockets and light fixtures, so it’s likely commercial premises such as offices will take longer to sweep effectively. 

Commercial Investigations
Bug Sweeping For Businesses

What can be done?

Depending on your concerns, we can sweep one specific room or an entire house, from top to bottom. The easy availability of these electronic devices means we have seen an increase in the number of private homes and cars being bugged. So if you think your partner, ex-partner or a friend or associate may be listening in to your private conversations, we can uncover the truth. 

Similarly, we can also sweep your entire business premises, including common areas, vehicles and private offices. Business investigations are very much on the rise, so it’s essential you take steps to protect your premises from competitors, employees and clients who may be trying to gain evidence to pursue a claim against you, or collect your trade secrets. 

We can also bug sweep your vehicles to identify the presence of tracking devices, cameras and listening equipment, that could be used to monitor you remotely.

Often, second-hand vehicles will have bugs left in them by previous users. These may have been hardwired in so that the batteries never run out, so you can rely on our team to sweep any new vehicles, whether it’s for private use, or business. 

Let the expert Technical Surveillance Counter Measures team at Delta 74 visit your home or business premises to locate any hidden electronic devices.

Technical counter surveillance measures

What actually is TCSM?

We take your initial enquiry and give you impartial advice on how to move forward. If your suspicions seem valid, you then create an instruction to us to complete a bug sweep of your home, premises or vehicle. The Delta 74 TCSM team will they visit your property and complete a thorough bug sweep whilst you relax.

We will make you immediately aware of any findings and the steps to take to protect yourself from surveillance measures going forward.

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