Bug Sweep Services

Technical Counter Surveillance which is more commonly known as bug sweeping. This is a service for large and small business as well as private clients who feel they are being spied on.

Let the Delta 74 TSCM team come and visit your premises to find any hidden devices. These can range from a camera hidden in a smoke alarm to a listening device hidden within a plug.

The only limit is the buggers imagination!

How much does a bug sweep cost?

This will be done almost solely on an individual case basis. This is mainly because no two premises are exactly the same.

Head over to our costs page to get an idea of costs for our services.

The easiest way to find out is to call us on 0800 774 7241

How long does a bug sweep take?

This question is all a matter of how many rooms there are and how big those rooms are.

Other factors include the amount of electrical appliances including plug sockets and light fixtures.

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What can be done?

The things we can bug sweep include your home. This can be done by specific rooms or the whole house top to bottom.

Your office is much the same as business investigations are on the rise now!

Vehicles. Your vehicles can be bugged with tracking devices, cameras and listening equipment that can be listened in to remotely! Make sure your phone conversations are kept private. Sometimes vehicles purchased have bugs in them left behind which have been hardwired in so that the batteries never die out.

Technical Counter Surveillance Measures

What actually is TCSM?

The procedure is as follows. We take your initial enquiry and give you impartial advice on how to move forward and if your suspicions seem valid. You then create an instruction to us to complete a bug sweep of your premises or even a vehicle. Remember vehicles can be bugged too! The Delta 74 TCSM team then arrive and complete the bug sweep whilst you relax.

We then make you immediately aware of any findings and the steps to take going forward.

If you want to read more on what Technical Counter Surveillance Measures are check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Countersurveillance on Wikipedia under Types.

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