Cohabitation Investigations

Cohabitation investigations can be performed for a variety of different reasons, such as aiding solicitors in post-divorce cases where any maintenance payments are agreed upon. Solicitors often require our cohabitation investigation services to help their clients with child custody rulings or financial settlement matters.

Helping You

If you suspect that your ex-partner is cohabiting with another adult, it’s better to take action sooner rather than later, we can help with our cohabitation investigations service. A court will want to see sufficient evidence, often gathered from several visits; one trip isn’t enough for the court. The more evidence you can gather the better, but try to gather evidence a few days or even weeks apart. The longer we spend gathering evidence the more likely a judge is to accept their new relationship as legitimate, especially in divorce matters where we tend to conduct these investigations over 2-3 weeks using various methods.

Our cohabitation investigations have shown to be very effective with all of our evidence being legally obtained and court admissible.

Child Protection Concerns

Quite often we are asked to perform an investigation where a concerned parent wants to see whether their child is living with an unknown adult, such as the new partner of your ex, without them being informed.

We will help you navigate through the complicated and sometimes stressful cohabitation investigation process. We provide detailed reports that are fully court-admissible, containing photographic and video evidence.

The issue of cohabitation

If you have suspicions that your ex-partner is currently living with somebody else and has effectively “moved on” this can affect any divorce agreements you may have in place. There are some very real financial concerns with this situation as well, your ex could be in breach of these agreements. Without solid evidence your suspicions alone might not necessarily suffice, at least being aware makes sure that whatever the conclusion is, it isn’t based solely on speculation alone but rather solid facts and submissible evidence.

It’s always a concern when you’re not on speaking terms with your child’s other parent. What if they have an emergency and need to contact their ex? Worse, what if the new partner turns out to be abusive or neglectful? So much can go wrong in these situations that it is important for all involved parties – parents included – to know who else has access to their children.

How Can You Prove Cohabitation

Here in the UK, gathering sufficient proof and evidence of cohabitation can be quite tricky. To truly prove a cohabitation case there is a certain amount of professional surveillance required in order to gather solid evidence that can be submitted in the UK courts. Deciding to seek the help of a private investigator will make the process of proving cohabitation a lot easier.
Cohabitation Investigations

Do You Really Need Cohabitation Surveillance?

Are you sure that your ex-partner is telling the truth about what their current living situation is? There could be a chance they aren’t telling you the whole truth and not revealing any new information about their living situation. This leaves open the possibility of them moving on with life without you knowing, which means legally speaking, there will no longer be an obligation to financially support them.

Divorce settlements can also have certain conditions associated with them; for maintenance payments this could commonly include what’s known as an MCO (Minutes of Consent Order).

You could be paying for your ex-spouse until they remarry or even start to cohabit with someone else.

If you have agreed in the settlement that you will pay maintenance you’ll continue doing so up until their next marriage or starting a new relationship like living together. Child maintenance is of course a different matter.

If you have this kind of agreement set up and you think that your ex has moved on, you are more often than not no longer responsible for paying your ex-partner any maintenance or be entitled to more if they claim to be living alone.

Covert Cohabitation Surveillance

The truth is out there. You know it, we know it and now you can find the answers to your most burning questions! Our team will work with you to determine what your situation is, and what you want to achieve with the cohabitation investigation.

All our surveillance staff are fully trained in covert surveillance and use the top of the range equipment to capture the evidence you need for the courts.

Is Surveillance on Your Ex Worth It?

It can be frustrating if you’ve paid for a divorce agreement and your ex breaches it for any reason. You have the right to change these arrangements, so that they reflect reality instead of what was agreed upon before your marriage ended. Especially if you suspect your ex of cohabiting with a new partner.

Once we’ve finished our surveillance, you will receive a comprehensive document which contains our report and evidence that is submissible in the UK courts.

Static Surveillance

Our private investigators are on standby to help you investigate the facts and make important decisions. Our highly experienced team of professionals will deliver a service that is high in professionalism, and also discreet for your personal needs. We want to provide you with all of the information needed so that you can decide what’s best for yourself! Contact us today.

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