Physical Penetration Testing

Physical penetration testing, commonly referred to as Pen Testing, is a very useful tool for businesses and establishments that have a high security risk. We can come in and do a full penetration test at your site and report our findings with recommended steps to reinforce your security in vulnerable areas. Alternatively, we can conduct the planning phases on a Pen Test to highlight your security weaknesses that way.

Whether we get into your building or not, it is always successful and lessons will be learnt.

What is Physical Penetration Testing?

Physical penetration testing is known within the investigations industry as Black Teaming, and is part the other teams Red, Blue and Purple. The difference is a Black Team is the physical element whereas the other teams are all based around the online penetration testing phases alone.

Methods we use identify any human and security weaknesses, and it is not a means of breaking and entering as that is counter-productive.

Why Use Penetration Testing

We can Pen Test any establishment or site, however you may want to consider our black team service if you have one of the below:

Penetration Testing
Penetration Testing

How We Do It?

Our 5 Step Penetration Testing Process

How Long Does It Take?

The length of a Pen Test can vary for a number of factors, but things to bear in mind are the size of the target premises and the amount of staff members you have.
Usually the whole Pen Test can be done within 2 business days including the planning and analysis cycles.

How Much Does a Physical Penetration Test Cost?

This will be discussed as part of our proposal during our free consultation with you. Factors to bear in mind include; we only use a minimum of two staff for this service and that it is a minimum of 5 hours at our hourly rate of £90.00, totaling a minimum of £450.00, but this is subject to building size and staff numbers.

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