Lie Detector Test

We now have in our arsenal the all new “Eye Detect” lie detecting equipment. 

This equipment and it’s software are brand new on the private and commercial market and have become the new go to lie detector test over the old style polygraph lie detector test. 

In simple terms the equipment does exactly as it says on the tin and uses the eyes to detect any lies. This is with the added bonus of instant on the spot results that are produced by the software and untouched by humans eliminating human error. 

How can a lie detector test help you?

When only the truth is all you need the award winning Eye Detect is exactly what you should be employing to get the honest answers. 

It is not easy to ask the questions where the answers are what you fear. Our Eye Detect team can do that for you and have the results back to you within minutes. The test lasts for 30 minutes and we do all the hard work for you. 

Some reasons for employing our Eye Detect system include;

Our Eye Detect lie detector team come to you home or place of business meaning it really is hassle free as well as being quick and easy. 

how eye detect works

Eye Detect comes in two parts the Hardware and the Software. 

The hardware is simply a computer which is connected to an infrared camera which reads the eyes. 

The software within the computer reads the teste’s eyes in conjunction with true or false questions and this then allows the software to detect any lies.

The way Eye Detect notices and measures a lie is changes in pupil size, eye movement, eye fixation and blinks which include their patterns. 

Once the test is complete the Eye Detect software will compile the test and produce you completely unbiased results which are untouched by a human. This gives you the peace of mind that the test is as accurate as can be. 

how much is an eye detect test

Our expert team will come to a place of your choosing either at a business premises or home address and carry out the test hassle free. You will have your completely unbiased and computer accurate results within 30 minutes. 

This service costs a fixed fee of £450.00 plus VAT with no hidden charges for travel or time. Our team will guide you through the lie detector process of exactly what is going on at all times. 

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