Matrimonial Investigations

A matrimonial investigation is an investigation whereby we are employed by either a wife or husband to look into and gain evidence of their spouse. There are lots of reasons why we may be needed but our most used service is when one half of the marriage is a cheating partner.

Helping You

During a matrimonial investigation it is a very difficult time for you and it will be consuming your entire life. We completely understand this and never hold any judgements around the situation you are in. It is more than likely we have seen a similar case before.

When you call us we will guide you through the process of hiring a private investigator and give you exact details of how we can help your case.

You can be rest assured Delta 74 Private Investigations are one of the best priced investigations agencies around Derby, Nottingham and Leicester. For more information around how much our services are please visit our costs page here.

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Reasons to Investigate

Some of the main reasons you may want to investigate your spouse and their activities include;

Infidelity or cheating,

Approaching a divorce and you want to be one step ahead if there are plans to hurt you financially,

They may be hiding something from you about their life.. a child you may not know about from a previous relationship,

You want to know their whereabouts as you suspect a lie about their movements. Is your spouse really working all those hours?

Reading the Signs

If you’re spouse is cheating chances are you will have picked up on the obvious signs already. Here are the main signs to notice and if you put more than two or three together it is well worth giving us a call today!

Their phone is off or they are unreachable during the day,

Your spouse is going out socialising with friends more often. Likely new friends you haven’t met yet,

Is your spouse going to the gym more often now? Taking more care of their appearance in general?

Do they take a shower as soon as they walk in the door?

Working away/later a lot more often,

Do they never leave their phone unattended, even during a shower. Is it on complete silent and face down during nighttime?

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What Options are Available?

During your first call to us on 0800 774 7241 we will explain all this in much more detail and answer all of your questions but here is a rough guide to the options you have as part of matrimonial investigations.

Vehicle Tracking

You can employ the use of a discreet vehicle tracker which enables you to view the location of your spouses car at any time of the day. This is done via an app on your smart phone or computer. Our devices are very accurate and we place them completely hidden on the vehicle. One of our team will guide you through how to use the app software and in no time you will be very familiar with how to use it.


Delta 74 Private Investigations are experts at undercover surveillance and we use the latest technology to carry out this service. You can opt to receive live updates during the surveillance period and afterwards you will receive a detailed report with pictures and a highlights video showing you exactly what happened in the context of how it happened.

Background Check

Suspicions of your spouses past are no longer a worry. We can carry out a detailed background check for you to find out if your spouse has ever been to prison or has been married in the past without your knowledge.

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