Counter Surveillance

What to do if you’re being followed

Anti-surveillance or counter-surveillance is a term used where surveillance is being prevented. This can be by carrying out personal drills to lose your followers. Up to employing teams to shadow you to highlight if a surveillance team is conducting observations on you.

At Delta 74 Private Investigations we can provide you with counter-surveillance teams to deploy with you to detect any other surveillance teams. Giving you that peace of mind that you’re not being watched by anyone you don’t want to be watching you.

This isn’t a body guard service nor should it be treated that way but the team would identify and tell you the necessary steps of what to do if you are being watched or followed.

Alternatively, one of our business investigators can come and provide advice and consult with you about the current surveillance threat against you or your company and how you can tackle it by using some very simple methods.

We can deliver a one-to-one consultation and teach you some very basic counter surveillance drills and give you our Anti-Surveillance Booklet to remind you of the principles for future reference.

Common clients for us that use this service are CEO’s/head of departments, anyone who fears they are being stalked and people who want to protect their assets and want to avoid information being gathered on them.

Enquire now and arrange a consultation period to broaden your mind and become aware of the threat posed to you or your business.

Usually if a surveillance team are onto you they will be using forms of technical surveillance to aid them so check out our Bug Sweep page also to help with that threat.

We must stress that if you feel your life or well-being is under threat call the Police on 999 immediately.  

what to do if you're being followed
counter surveillance
What to do if you're being followed
anti surveillance