Child Protection Investigations

Does it kill you handing over your children to your ex-partner??

We can follow and tell you their every move.

Our Child Protection services help to ensure your child/ren are receiving the care they deserve and that no harm is coming their way.

Find out more about the services we can offer below.

Shared Parenting

Many families across the world work this way. A couple share a child or children whilst separated.

For some this is just a pure hell and passing your child/ren over for the day or weekend kills you every time.

We can help.

Child Protection

We can carry out discreet surveillance so that you can keep tabs on exactly what your child/ren are doing, who they’re doing it with and where.

This gives a fly on the wall type view of how your child/ren and their guardian are interacting. It will show a true reflection of their relationship whilst giving you peace of mind that your child/ren is safe and happy.

Along with that it will also show you who else is interacting with your child/ren. This is key due to any restrictions that may be in place. You can use this evidence for future reference.

The evidence we gather will be gained in the least intrusive way possible to ensure no human rights are breached. We always make sure there is a legitimate interest before we go ahead as well.

Troublesome Teens

A child protection service we provide to help parent’s to get an impartial view of their child’s actions when away from home.

We can tell you who your teen is hanging around with and what they’re doing.

Usually this is to help parent’s identify if their teen is underage drinking in public or engaging in drugs.

We will advise whether it is worth proceeding with an investigation given your suspicions.


One of the worst feelings in the world is to discover your child is being bullied. There are always two sides to every story but if can back up your story with evidence then it’s always a stronger case.

We will help during the journey to and from school for physical bullying and assist online to discover who is targeting your child on social media such as Instagram etc.

Online Grooming

This is now a huge concern for thousands of parents across the world.

There are things you can do to protect your child/ren and we can help.

Call us on 0800 774 7241 or email us to find out how we can help and arrange a face to face meeting if needed.

Child Grooming