Vehicle Tracking Services

A GPS vehicle tracker is one of the best ways to know of someone’s location without them knowing. We can apply one of our devices onto a vehicle for a set period of time and allow you to view wherever that vehicle is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through an app on your smart phone.

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How much is vehicle tracking?

There are two options available

The first pricing option is done on a weekly basis. The initial cost for one weeks tracking is £250.00 and is then done on a week by week basis should you want to extend with flexibility.

The second pricing option is for a months tracking (31 days) and will be reviewed again at the end of that 31 day period should you want to extend.

For more costs of our services head to our costs page here.

How it works

There are many reasons to use a vehicle tracker and the more common use we find is to track a spouse or child. Another particular use is to track a fleet vehicle owned by the employer to see exactly what the driver is up to.

If you have this need please do call us on 0800 774 7241 to discuss your situation and we then can then start the process of your instruction.

The next thing that happens is we chat about your situation and what vehicle you wish to be tracked.

We will require as a minimum the vehicle registration plate or the make, model and colour of the vehicle. The vehicle registration is desirable for us as we can easily identify the vehicle through online databases.

The last thing is our team then look to get out and place the tracker at the time and date agreed by you.

Monitoring the tracker

Via Smartphone

We will talk you through all of the steps and functions of the mobile app that is iOS and Android friendly.

As long as you have a smart phone you can view the vehicle’s location at any time of the day, seven days of the week!

Via a computer

We will talk you through all of the steps and functions of the desktop panel that is very user friendly. To access the portal please use the link below;

No matter your choice of device you can check the movement history of the vehicle by day and it shows all stops and and starts as well as the speed of travel whilst it was being driven.

Is vehicle tracking legal?

When done through a professional company who will establish that the reason for tracking a vehicle is necessary and will be proportionate, yes, it is legal.

We will never deploy a vehicle tracker if it will be deemed illegal or be used for harm. It is completely free to call us and check your situation and eligibility on 0800 774 7241

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