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With our offices located in the centre of Nottingham near to the Jubilee Campus, we at Delta 74 Private Investigations can perform all of our private investigator services in Nottingham.

We can deploy anywhere across the city of Nottingham in a surveillance role or ready to fit technical devices such as covert cameras and listening devices. Having such a wealth of local knowledge about Nottingham, we are best suited to advise you for the most effective way to handle your case. Our team have completed dozens of surveillance tasks within Nottingham with a very high success rate in both matrimonial and corporate cases.

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At Delta 74 Private Investigations Ltd, we stand out as the leading private investigation agency in the Nottingham, specialising in a range of niche investigative services. We have been trusted by a multitude of satisfied clients over the years and their positive reviews can be seen on our Google listings.

One thing we do is showcase what we provide which can be seen below; a picture speaks a thousand words. 

What sets us apart, above all, is our empathetic approach to each case. We understand that sharing your situation may be a significant step, and we know we can be the first to hear of your situation in many instances. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch today for a free confidential consultation. 

Private Detectives Nottingham

Areas of Nottingham we have carried out investigations include; Nottingham city centre, Long Eaton, Arnold, Trowell, Pinxton, Sutton-in-Ashfield and Woodborough. These investigations were all varied and posed different challenges such as working within the bustling city centre and the complications involved to then finding ourselves working within the quiet and quaint villages of north Nottinghamshire.

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Exact postcodes we cover for Nottingham are: NG1 NG10 NG11 NG12 NG13 NG14 NG15 NG16 NG17 NG18 NG19 NG2 NG21 NG3 NG4 NG5 NG6 NG7 NG8 NG9

Hire a Private Investigator

As we are local private investigators, physically based in Nottingham, you will be getting the very best service at the most competitive rates on the market.

To get an idea of how much a private investigator costs you can head to the costs page here.

Nottingham Cathedral
Nottingham Cathedral
Bug Sweeping Services
Bug Sweeping - Listening Device

Bug Sweeping In Nottingham

We provide technical counter surveillance (more commonly known as bug sweeping) to business clients, government departments and other organisations as well as private individuals who feel they are being spied upon in their own properties and vehicles. We perform a survey to help us identify any illicit electronic surveillance, bugging and eavesdropping devices located with your workplace or home. These electronic devices are easily bought online and as such we have seen a huge increase in their use, they are quickly deployed to help gather information about you, your business and your activities.Once we find these devices we can quickly and effectively remove them.

Business Investigators in Nottingham

A huge part of our business is providing professional investigations to business owners throughout Nottingham. We can help provide evidence to protect your company assets and your clients. With our employee investigations service we are able to identify false absenteeism, moonlighting, employees working for competitors or setting up their own businesses and employee theft.

We can also provide health and safety surveillance, providing evidence that all the correct measures are being taken to protect your workforce incase of any legal proceedings against your business.

We can also perform due diligence on your behalf, investigating new employees, potential clients or any other business you are considering working with.

Finally, we can provide penetration testing where we can put your own security measures to the test and identify any areas where improvements can be made.

Commercial Investigations
Business Investigations In Nottingham
Cheating Partner
Cheating Partner Investigations in Nottingham

Cheating Partner & Matrimonial Investigations

Another of our most common requests and an area of which we do a lot of work is “matrimonial investigations”. If you suspect your husband or wife of cheating we can help you gather the evidence you need during your court proceedings. As this is a very delicate situation we ensure the utmost care and are extremely discreet in how we carry out these investigations. We understand how emotional the situation can be, from your initial call to completion we will always act professionally and efficiently to help gather the evidence you need quickly.

Following our initial phone call with you we will formulate a plan which is best suited to your budget and your requirements, we are able to deploy professional surveillance teams or implement hidden vehicle tracking devices and surveillance devices including covert cameras and listening devices.

Child Protection Investigations in Nottingham

The aim of our child protection investigations is to find out whether your children are being properly cared for whilst not under your protection or supervision, making sure no harm is coming their way.

We carry out discreet surveillance to help you identify what your children are doing, who they are with and where they are. This is a “fly on the wall” type of surveillance giving you peace of mind that your children are being properly cared for, how they are interacting with their guardian and whether they appear to be happy.

We can help to identify who else they are interacting with in the case where any restrictions are in place, we can help you make sure these restrictions are being followed.

Evidence is gathered in the least intrusive way possible to ensure that nobody’s human rights are being breached.

Other areas we look at are, bullying, troublesome teens and online grooming (a huge concern in modern times).

cohabitation Investigation
Child Protection Investigations In Nottingham
Counter Surveillance In Nottingham

Counter Surveillance Services in Nottingham

If you feel you are being followed or watched we can help prevent this by employing anti-surveillance techniques. We will show you how you can change your habits and how you go about your day to day life to minimise the surveillance others may be undertaking. We can also provide counter-surveillance teams to shadow your movements and highlight whether there are other teams carrying out surveillance on you.

We can also use other techniques such as bug sweeping to ensure you are not being watched or listened to.

People Tracing Services in Nottingham

We offer a service to help find missing persons, commonly used to help trace lost relatives or old friends, we can also help businesses trace employees or debtors who have skipped payments. We offer a no find no fee service with our basic people tracing package, however we also provide a more indepth solution where we undertake an “open source intelligence investigation” using the information on the internet to help find your missing person.

People Tracing Services
People Tracing Services in Nottingham
GPS Vehicle Tracking
Vehicle Tracking in Nottingham

Vehicle Tracking In Nottingham

We can help you to track any target vehicle, it may be your own car, your partner’s car or even your fleet of work vehicles. One of the best ways to do this is to use a GPS vehicle tracker connected to an app on your smartphone. This allows you to see where your vehicle is at all times, 24/7.

Our GPS Trackers work with either an app on your smartphone or via your computer. We will show you how the software works, you will be able to gather data on time the vehicle was used, where it went, how fast it was going as well as all the stops and starts that vehicle made during its journey.

Surveillance Services In Nottingham

We provide private surveillance services to clients throughout Nottinghamshire. Our specialist teams usually come from a military or police background and have carried out hundreds of covert surveillance operations around the UK and in Europe.

Mobile/vehicle surveillance is the most common form, we utilise vehicles to “follow” your target and gather evidence from our vehicles. We start with a “stake out” and then as soon as movement is detected we follow the subject wherever they go.

Foot surveillance is another form we utilise, generally used within larger cities such as Birmingham, London and Manchester where vehicle movements are restricted. We carry out foot surveillance where the subject is known not to drive and to regularly use public transport. Foot surveillance is an excellent option where we need to get close to the subject and listen to conversations or phone calls.

Static Surveillance, this is where we perform our investigation from a static location. You tell us the address or area that you want us to watch and we will carry out our observations for as long as is required, until you have the evidence you need.

surveillance services
Surveillance Services In Nottingham

About Nottingham

For more information about Nottingham and the city’s events take a look at whats going on here:

A little history of Nottingham and what it is famous for include Robin Hood who lived in Sherwood Forest. There is a Robin Hood statue located in Nottingham city centre.

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