Cheating Partner?

Are the signs there? Is your partner cheating? We can find out!

Matrimonial investigations or cheating partner cases are very common place for private investigators.

We completely understand how delicate the situation is and how it is a very emotional time for you. This is why when you make your first call to us, all we try to do is listen. Usually, we can get all the details we need of the situation from that. This is often one of the first times our clients have really opened up about what has been going on and can be a good step to help solve the case.

Cheating Partner Investigations
Cheating Partner Investigations

What are the signs?

Have you noticed of the common signs of cheating?

Is he/she working late more often?
Is he/she being guarded with their phone or even changed passwords to log into your shared devices/online accounts?
Is there a change of your sexual activity within the relationship? Even if it is happening more often between you both?
Has your partner changed their appearance? Going to the gym more or even dressing differently?
Is your partner frequently unavailable or unreachable during the day or night?

Our statistics show it is equal between men and women when it comes to who cheats more!

If you want more information on what to look for in a cheating partner take a look at our blog 4 Common Signs Your Partner is Cheating

What can you do about a cheating partner?

Your first instinct will be to go straight to social media such as Facebook and search for any possibilities from your partners profile.

This is a good start but we suggest you call us on 0800 774 7241 to begin your case towards getting the answers you need. We would always recommend using a professional and it is completely free to call us for an initial enquiry.

Alternatively you can always email us direct using our email address and we will get back to you as soon  as possible.

Cheating Partner Investigations
Cheating Partner Investigations

How can we help?

After an initial enquiry we will come up with a plan that is best suited to your budget and the situation.

This could be either by using one of our specialist surveillance teams or deploying a hidden vehicle tracker on your spouse’s car. We do have other methods of course such as hidden cameras installed overlooking an area to gain that crucial evidence.

Should we make any finds using any of those methods we can investigate further to get you more answers about what is really going on.

All it takes is that first contact from you and we can help!

0800 774 7241

I just want to say thank you so much for all your help!

Fantastic service and communication. Definitely 5* I would use them again anytime and the price was brilliant too, I doubt you could get a better service elsewhere


Listened to everything I asked and did there best to find out about wat I wanted ,I would definitely recommend and definitely use again if ever needed, kept me update on everything, 1 class company


Excellent professional service. Job complete to a very high standard and with great communication throughout. Highly recommend.


This company was very helpful and had the information that I required within 2 days and I would highly recommend them

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