Cheating partner

Is my partner cheating? Let us help you find out the truth and get you the peace of mind you need. 

Matrimonial investigations or cheating partner cases are very common place for private investigators in Derby and all over the UK.

We completely understand how delicate the situation is, and how it can be a very emotional time for you. This is why when you make your first call to us, all we try to do is listen. Usually, we can get all the details we need of the situation from that. This is often one of the first times our clients have really opened up about what has been going on and can be a good step to help solve the case.

What are the signs?

Have you noticed any of the common signs of cheating?

Our statistics show it is equal between men and women when it comes to who cheats more!

If you want more information on what to look for in a cheating partner take a look at our blog article.

Cheating Partner

What can be done?

Your first instinct will be to go straight to social media such as Facebook and search for any possibilities from your partner’s profile.

This is a good start, but we suggest you call us on 01332 498073 to begin your case towards getting the answers you need. We would always recommend using a professional and it is completely free to call us for an initial enquiry.

How can we help?

After an initial enquiry we will recommend a plan that is best suited to your budget and situation.

This could be using one of our specialist surveillance teams, or installing a hidden vehicle tracker on your spouse’s car. We have a skilled team of investigators, who can utilise a wide range of methods and technologies have other methods, such as installing hidden cameras overlooking a specific area to gain that crucial evidence.

Should we make any initial discoveries during our investigation, we can then investigate further to get you more answers about what is really going on.

All it takes is that first contact from you and we can help!

Further tips and advice.

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