Background Check

Delta 74 Private Investigations can provide you with a highly informative background check on any person you may be entering into a personal or professional relationship with. 

Our team of skilled private investigators have experience investigating people on behalf of private clients, who may need to find out more about a partner’s past, as well as working with commercial clients to undertake due diligence checks on potential employees, clients and business partners.   

Commercial Background Checks

As an employer, you will need to undertake effective due diligence checks on your employees and clients, to ensure your business is in safe hands and not exposed to any unnecessary risks. 

Our investigators can provide a comprehensive report on the employment history, financial security and criminal past of any potential employees, as well as verification identity, educational certificates and professional qualifications to satisfy your legal responsibility in relation to right to work checks.

Personal background Checks

Whether you’ve recently met someone online, or you’re considering making a commitment to your partner, such as entering into a marriage or a joint mortgage, our expert investigatory services can provide you with peace of mind. 

Perhaps you’re concerned about their financial history, past relationships or even their identity, we use the latest technology and expert investigation techniques to verify or disprove any information you have.   

Background Checks


Our team of surveillance experts and researchers are adept at carrying out a background check for a variety of reasons and use a range of legally compliant methods as well as the latest technologies to uncover the information you need.

The due diligence a background check that we offer can thoroughly investigate any person of interest discretely. The subject of the investigations will never know they have been checked and you will have peace of mind that they are who they say they are.  

Is a Background Check Legal?

Protecting yourself and your business

Undertaking background checks on the people connected to you may seem like a breach of their privacy, but if you’re in a position to lose something, whether that’s your finances or assets, business reputation or security, or even just your peace of mind, you must take sensible steps to protect yourself or your business. 

All our investigatory services are compliant with legislation, fully insured and we’re registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office, so you can rest assured that our services are professional, legal and discreet. Contact us today to find out more and discuss your requirements today. 

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