Frequently Asked Questions

If you have never used the services of an investigations agency then it can be very daunting and we fully understand this hence the reason we have created this page dedicated to answer our most frequently asked private investigator questions.

With anything we don’t know come questions of uncertainty. Here a few questions often asked by new clients but every scenario is different so if you have any questions at all please get in touch using the online form at the bottom of every one of our web pages.


See our private investigators costs page for an in depth answer towards the first of many private investigator questions after deciding to make the call to a private investigator.

Now, we will work with you to determine what services we deem to be sufficient for your personal situation and in each case provide a bespoke package price. Where possible we will try to work within the budget you provide us. We pride ourselves on delivering the best quality results so please bear in mind that our costs will be reflective of this.

Costs will cover things such as a minimum team of two who use the latest in surveillance technology for surveillance deployments and the very best in technical devices for cases where a hidden camera is used for example.

Please call us on 01332 498 073 for a free no obligation quote where we can discuss your situation and guide you in the best possible way.


For private clients, payment must be taken up front and in full before any services are used. This is to ensure that as soon as the report and evidence is ready for delivery you will get it at the earliest opportunity.

For corporate and legal clients please get in touch to discuss this further.

We take payment in various forms but we prefer BACS but we always do it in the easiest way for our clients. Unfortunately, we don’t accept cash payment unless in extreme circumstances.

can we have a meeting?

Yes, we love to meet our clients. This builds trust both ways and the first meeting is a completely free one-hour consultation to answer all of your burning questions and generate a plan together. 

We can also meet in a place preferable to you whether that be at our offices or somewhere closer to your home. We do always strive to pick a place that ensures privacy so please bear this in mind. 

does the cost include vat?

Yes, all of our services are subject to VAT and as such you will be charged VAT but all quotes provided will include VAT. 

Our VAT registration number is 400536934 which is included on invoices when provided. 


No, absolutely not.

If during the course of investigation over 50 miles are driven by our staff, as stated within our terms and conditions you will be charged at £0.45 per mile. If during the course of an investigation the subject under investigation goes into a cafe for example those costs will not be charged however if the investigation is taken to a place where a large entry fee is requested, such as a theme park for example, you will be asked if you are happy for the investigation to go forward in the venue. All receipts will be sent to you along with a final invoice on completion of the investigation.

Before the investigation is carried out all costs will be explained and do not hesitate to ask twice about costs if you are unsure. Any private investigator questions like this that aren’t answered we advise you to be wary of that agency. 


A great example of private investigator questions. The bare minimum produced is a report along with corroborating footage and photographs which will be delivered to you as soon as possible on completion of the investigation, under normal circumstances this is within 48 hours.

The footage we produce will be the highlights of the investigation with a date time stamp watermark but for legal proceedings we keep all unedited raw footage within your case file should the case be taken to court. If we are asked all footage will be delivered with the report.

Our sample surveillance report can be downloaded and viewed by clicking the button below. 


Each case is different but a general break down is you make first contact with ourselves and then we discuss the situation you are in. From there a plan is formulated of how you want to move forward (be it a period of surveillance or a device fitting etc.) and then dependent on the outcome of the investigation we produce a report along with footage/photos/audio.

During the investigation, you will be given a personal case handler who will be with you every step of the way. Whilst the investigation is live you will receive updates as and when they happen keeping you informed throughout. As soon as our staff finish we will give you what is known as a ‘hot debrief’ where you will get a summary of the main events of what happened during the investigation. This is then followed by you receiving the full report within 48 hours of the investigation being completed, in the format you have chosen.



Conducting covert investigations is completely legal but there are strict boundaries our staff must adhere to. At Delta 74 we never gain evidence using illegal methods for the simple fact that we need our evidence to hold up in court should the need arise. Our staff all hold the Level 3 Award for Private Investigators where a course has been taken and a test sat which confirms the competency of the individual. This is a bare minimum requirement of ALL our staff and we hold many more qualifications and possess years of industry experience.


No we are not. The regulations in the United Kingdom at the moment do not include regulating the private investigation industry. This was brought to parliament by ex-prime minister Theresa May when she was the home secretary however nothing has been done since. 

We are members of various trade associations which self-police the industry and it’s members. Any UK based private investigator claiming to be licenced is not telling the truth and we warn you to be wary of them. 

We are advocating for licencing to be put into place, similar to the American system but it is a long fight. 


This will be one of the first things discussed with you, as if a covert investigation is going ahead then discretion is key. We will contact you in any way you are comfortable with. This can include scheduled calls at a time suiting to you or if needs be we can meet face to face. The final report will be delivered either electronically or can be posted in paper or DVD format via post service or in person.


This is a requirement to enable an investigation to be carried out and we ask for a minimum request of;

Name, age, DOB and photograph of the subject,
Vehicle details if any and/or travel arrangements,
Current living and work address if possible and
Any other details you feel may aid us in our investigation such as meeting times/locations and plans for the day(s) of investigation.


We are registered with Information Commissioners Office (ICO) in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and all personal data is stored safely and securely and NEVER shared with unnecessary third parties without permission. We hold all information relating to each case for 6 months but if requested can be held longer or destroyed earlier.

Delta 74 Private Investigation Ltd’s ICO registration number is; ZA342693.


A question asked that almost shouldn’t be, but in an unregulated industry it is best to check who you are employing and we will not be offended. As the investigations we conduct are generally covert, the aim is to not be seen but see what is going on. We will be on task at the time agreed by both you and us and this will be backed up with video or photographic evidence. As soon as any chance of footage is to be gained our staff will be in a position to do so. At the end of investigations your report will show all evidence gained and if nothing was happening for long periods our staff take hourly ‘update shots’ proving they were there observing.

The principle of Delta 74 Private Investigations is a full member of The Institute of Professional Investigators – click here for more. 

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