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How much does a private investigator cost?

Usually the first question after deciding to make the call to a private investigator and nearly always the biggest factor around what service you are looking to employ is “how much does a private investigator cost?”

Now, we will work with you to determine what services we deem to be sufficient for your personal situation and in each case, we will provide a bespoke package price always ensuring we never spend more money than needed.

Where possible we will try to work within the budget you provide us. We pride ourselves on delivering the best quality results, so please bear in mind that our costs will be reflective of this.

Costs will cover things such as a expert private investigators, who use the latest in surveillance technology for surveillance deployments and the very best in technical devices for cases where a hidden camera is used for example.

How much does surveillance cost?

For surveillance services our prices start at £40.00 per hour, where you will have a surveillance specialist deployed for a minimum of 5 hours. This is a very competitive price for covert surveillance. We can deploy teams of two surveillance operatives for a price of £70.00 per hour for the first five hours, which is the package we will always recommend. For more information on this topic please read our blog is 2 better than 1?

You will not be charged hidden costs by us during a surveillance operation. If our staff need to purchase small items such as drinks in a coffee shop or small groceries in a store then this is covered in your initial payment. Also covered is the first 50 miles per surveillance vehicle for any follow mileage and follow mileage thereafter is charged at £0.45 pence per mile. 

What you will receive is a detailed, but easy to read report along with a highlights video showing you all movements of your chosen subject of investigation. The unedited video footage is held by us for future use if needed in court for example.

Average prices for surveillance around the United Kingdom range from £35.00 an hour all the way up to £100.00 an hour. The most average hourly rate is around £45.00 to £50.00 for a lone surveillance investigator. To learn more of private surveillance and how we can help click here.

How much does A vehicle Tracker Cost?

Prices for vehicle tracking are as low as £100.00 per week and we will guide you through how to monitor the tracker live through an app on your smart phone.

You will be able to see the tracked vehicles location at any time of the day!

We will fit and retrieve the vehicle tracker covertly (or overtly) to the vehicle of your choosing, and from there on you can view it live as it is driven around.

The average price for covert vehicle tracking provided by private investigators ranges from £100.00 a week up to £500.00 a week and is based on a few varying factors. 

For more information on vehicle tracking and the packages we offer please click here. Further information can be found in our blog post Vehcile Tracking and How it works which can be found by clicking here.

How much is it to trace someone?

Our people tracing services come in two packages – basic and advanced. the basic package works on a turnaround time of 48 hours and the advanced is completely bespoke to your situation.

The no find, no fee price for a basic trace on a person is £180.00. To read more about our brilliant people tracing service please click here. 

The advanced trace is priced at £300.00 however this is not a no find, no fee service, but we will guide you along the way completely.

payments we accept

Once terms and instructions have been agreed we will send you an invoice. From here you will have various options of how to pay including;

  • Bacs Transfer
  • Debit Card – processed via Stripe
  • Credit Card – processed via Stripe
  • PayPal

How much does a private investigator cost

Reasons to choose us

Our services are well renowned within the East Midlands area and we are listed on The Three Best Rated for Derby!

No matter what service you are looking for we will always offer the very best customer service within the investigations industry.

If you would like to discuss our private investigator costs, please call us on 01332 498 073 for a free, no obligation quote, where we can discuss your situation and guide you in the best possible way.

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