Hire a private investigator

If you are looking to hire a private investigator it can be a hugely daunting process as it is a very niche service with lots of unknown factors for many people. 

Delta 74 Private Investigations are experts and we always put customer service at the forefront of how we operate our business. 

How we can help you

There are lots of reasons why people have the need to hire a private investigator and we have been employed in nearly all of them. 

Below are the most common reasons people hire a private investigator. For more information on each topic click to discover more. 

In every case you will be lead by a dedicated private investigator who will explain all your options and exactly how much everything will cost and how things work. 

Our staff will guide you the whole way through and discuss exactly what your needs are and the most effective route we can take to achieve our aims. 

Private Investigator Derby taking picture with camera

The steps when you hire a private investigator

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