Hire a Private Investigator

If you are looking to hire a private investigator in the East Midlands you are no doubt looking for a company who are professional, discreet and most importantly will carry out the investigation to a high standard. Delta 74 Investigations have a great track record of achieving results from our investigations.

As UK Private Investigators, Delta 74 Private Investigations undertake a number of services for our clients across the Midlands and beyond.

Below you will see some of our Private Investigation services.

Family & Private Investigations

Using Delta 74 for any of your private investigations will always be a wise move as you can be safe in the knowledge you will have vetted and trained operatives deployed every time.

Services carried out usually include manned surveillance or vehicle tracking and device fitting but we will tailor make a solution for your case.

Investigations carried out are:

Matrimonial/Cheating Partner Investigations

One of our biggest types of investigation carried out. We have a wealth of experience in this and can guide you through the very difficult process.

The matrimonial (cheating partner) case is where you have suspicions or have seen partial evidence that your partner may be cheating.

Have a good read below and feel free to get in touch to start your journey towards getting the answers you need.

hire a private investigator

Have you noticed the any of the signs below or just have feelings that your partner may be cheating?

Is he/she working late more often?
Is he/she being guarded with their phone or even changed passwords to log into your shared devices/online accounts?
Is there a change of your sexual activity within the relationship? Even if it is happening more often between you both?
Has your partner changed their appearance? Going to the gym more or even dressing differently?
Is your partner frequently unavailable or unreachable during the day or night?

A lot of times it is just a gut feeling you have that something is going on. A simple phone call can lead to the answers.

If you have found yourself in this difficult situation then check out our blog posts especially 5 Simple Tips on How to Catch a Cheating Partner.

Remember, it is just as common in both men and women to stray away in a relationship. We have completed and found evidence of both genders cheating all over the UK.

Co-habitation Surveillance

Co-habitation is where by two people who are not married have an arrangement to live together.

An investigation that often happens post-divorce to determine where someone is living in regards to maintenance payments or even financial settlements.

We can provide you with photographic evidence of who lives at the address you have been provided. Our operatives will observe the property discreetly and if necessary make discreet enquiries also, so that you have the evidence you need to move forward with your case.

Vulnerable Persons Investigation

This is usually a surveillance investigation to capture evidence in relation to the lack of care an elderly family member may be receiving within their home or even within a care home.

We can use technical devices such as hidden cameras to gain the evidence needed. Other ways are by using tracking devices so you can monitor your loved one who may be vulnerable with ill health and we can give you that peace of mind they are safe and where they ought to be. The devices are fit with an SOS button so your loved one can alert you straight away there is a problem.

Child Protection Investigations

A case that is always a priority for us a Delta 74. There can be many reasons why an investigation into the care for a child is carried out. do you have doubts about the way your ex-partner looks after your child or children? Suspect they are missing school? Is there fear that your child is being bullied on the way home from school?

Hire a private investigator to find out the answers you need discreetly and in strict confidence.

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