Private Investigator Burton-upon-Trent

The expert private investigator Burton-upon-Trent team at Delta 74 operate throughout the Burton-Upon-Trent area. Working with businesses and private clients, we offer a range of infestation services, from business penetration testing and debtor tracing, to cheating partners and bug sweeping.

Private Investigator Burton-upon-Trent

Our investigators are all highly trained, with years of experience undertaking successful operations in the military and police force. So you can rely on their technical skill and knowledge to track down the information you need.

Operating in Burton-Upon-Trent and the surrounding areas, we can use our local knowledge and experience to plan an investigation and deliver the results you need, whether that’s evidence to support a child protection case or the location of a long lost family member.

Business And Commercial Investigations

As specialist commercial investigators, you can be sure our team will work diligently and discreetly to protect your business. Perhaps you have concerns about your security and you need us to test your infrastructure, you need us to track down a client that owes you money, you can trust us to protect your business, assets and reputation.

Private And Family Investigations

Our team of family and matrimonial investigators can provide professional assistance with any sensitive family matters, ranging from tracking suspected cheating partners, monitoring the whereabouts and interactions of your children.

We have years of experience working with families, and we understand that if you’ve contacted a PI team to help you resolve a problem you’re in a difficult situation. That’s why we work quickly and respectfully to help you uncover the information you need.

Whether that’s evidence that your husband or wife is having an affair, so you can take steps to protect your assets before divorce proceedings, or you’re concerned that your ex-partner is breaching a child protection order.

We can discuss your case and recommend the best investigatory methods to get the evidence you need. Simply contact our team in Burton-Upon-Trent today to find out more.

Private Investigator Burton-upon-Trent
Burton Albion
Bug Sweeping Services
Bug Sweeping - Listening Device

Bug Sweeping in Burton-upon-Trent

Bug sweeping and other technical counter-surveillance methods are designed to keep you, your family or business secure and protect your privacy.

Bugs are small electronic devices that allow someone to listen to, or watch you remotely. They can be bought and installed by almost anyone; they don’t need to be a professional investigator. They are often used by employees or competitors to watch on commercial operations, and even by private individuals to spy on their spouses or ex-partners.

Our Private Investigator Burton-upon-Trent team will sweep your premises, home or vehicle and identify the presence of any bugs. We can quickly and effectively remove them and provide you with professional anti-surveillance advice to stop it from happening again and to restore your privacy.

Business Investigations in Burton-upon-Trent

Delta 74 have a team of expert commercial investigators working with a range of businesses in and around Burton-Upon-Trent. We offer a range of commercial services that are designed to protect your business operations, reputation, intellectual and physical property.

Health and safety surveillance services will identify any threats to your business; whether you’re at risk of having your trade secrets monitored by a competitor or you’re leaving yourself exposed to criminal activity.

We can undertake due diligence checks on your colleagues and clients, ensuring they are fully investigated prior to coming onboard with you. This can identify any risks they may pose to your business, for example if they have a criminal past or links to a competitor business.

Our business penetration tests are exhaustive and will identify any areas of weakness in your business and security measures. We can test the physical premises and entry points, and also your digital infrastructure to ensure it is not vulnerable to intruders.

Commercial Investigations
Business Investigations In Burton-upon-Trent
Cheating Partner
Cheating Partner Investigations in Burton-upon-Trent

Cheating Partner & Matrimonial Investigations

Is your partner cheating on you? Do you think they might be gambling? Do you think they’re planning on leaving you and talking to the house or kids? We’ll help you find out the truth.

If you need to enlist the help of a professional investigator, we know that your situation is most likely very stressful and upsetting so you can trust our team to work sensitively, discreetly and diligently to record the evidence you need.

All our matrimonial and family investigations in the Burton-Upon Trent area are supported with video evidence. So whether you just need to know the truth to put your mind at ease, or you need solid evidence that you can present at a child custody or divorce hearing, we will ensure you get the information you need to resolve your situation.

Contact our team today to discuss your case and we’ll recommend the best investigation methods to quickly and professionally to obtain the information you need.

Child Protection Investigations in Burton-upon-Trent

Are you worried about your children when they aren’t with you? Whether they’re teenagers spending time in risky situations, or they’re younger and you’re concerned their caregivers aren’t looking after them properly, our specialist child protection team will professionally investigate to get the information and evidence you need.

We know that as a parent, your child’s safety is of paramount importance, especially if they are subject to a child protection order. If you believe their caregiver is breaching an order of protection and putting your child at risk by allowing them unsupervised visitors or contact with people they shouldn’t be seeing, our team will obtain the evidence you need to protect them.

We undertake all child investigation investigations in line with legislation and strict risk assessments to ensure their privacy is respected as much as possible. We will work discreetly, so they will never know they’re under investigation and, like you, we will always act in your child’s best interests to keep them safe.

So if you need help keeping your children safe in the Burton-Upon-Trent area, trust our team. We will discuss your concerns and plan an investigation to get the evidence you need in the least intrusive way.

cohabitation Investigation
Child Protection Investigations In Burton-upon-Trent
Counter Surveillance In Burton-upon-Trent

Counter-Surveillance Services

Is someone following you, listening in to your phone calls or watching you? Let our team of private investigators in Burton-Upon-Trent find out the truth.

We can teach you how to protect yourself from prying eyes and secure your private information. Our anti-surveillance investigators can shadow you as you go about your daily routine and identify the presence of other individuals that may be watching you.

Whether its private information, family matters or business espionage, we can help.

Our bug sweeping service will quickly identify the presence of any electronic devices that have been installed to monitor you and we can teach you a range of counter-surveillance tactics, including changing up your activities and routines to make it difficult for anyone to anticipate your next step.

So if you’re worried someone is watching you or your business operations, contact our team today.

People Tracing in Burton-upon-Trent

If you’re trying to find someone, our team of people tracing experts can help. With years of experience locating missing persons, long lost friends and family members, or even tracing ex-employees, clients or business associates for commercial reasons, we can help.

We offer two main people tracing services:

So if you need expert help to find a trace of a missing person, contact the team at Delta 74 today. We’ll always undertake due diligence to ensure the safety of our clients and subjects, and have the knowledge and skill to track people nationally and even overseas if necessary.
People Tracing Services
People Tracing Services in Burton-upon-Trent
GPS Vehicle Tracking
Vehicle Tracking In Burton-upon-Trent

Vehicle Tracking In Burton-upon-Trent

Vehicle tracking will let you monitor the movements and whereabouts of your vehicles in real time. Often used to track commercial vehicles and check employees are working where and when they should be, we utilise the latest technology to provide detailed reports of your vehicles movements.

The discreet GPS tracking devices can be installed quickly and easily on any vehicle, and we can provide the software to you on a PC or mobile device so you can log in to find the exact location of a vehicle at any time.

The technology is so detailed it can tell you exact locations, the speed your vehicle has been travelling and the exact location of and time spent at any stops. We can combine this service with vehicle surveillance investigations to provide through reports on the activities of the driver.

If you want to find out more about cost effective vehicle tracking services in Burton-Upon-Trent,
simply contact the Private Investigator Burton-upon-Trent team here at Delta 74 to discuss the best way to get the evidence you need.

Surveillance Services In Burton-upon-Trent

If you’re looking for surveillance services on Burton-Upon-Trent, contact the expert team of private investigators at Delta 74 today. Our team has years of experience undertaking investigations for both the police service and armed force, business and commercial clients and private individuals, so you can trust we have the skill, knowledge and technology to uncover the information you need.

Our three main services can be offered separately, or as part of a larger surveillance package depending on your requirements.

Contact our Private Investigator Burton-upon-Trent team today to discuss your case. Our team will recommend the best surveillance methods and tactics to record the video evidence you need.

surveillance services
Surveillance Services In Burton-upon-Trent
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