Private Surveillance

Our surveillance agents have carried out hundreds of covert surveillance tasks around the UK and Europe. Generally, our operatives come from military and police backgrounds which brings a huge wealth of experience and expertise.

During our tasks we have seen lots of different things. Cheating couples shacking up in the back of cars in broad daylight and even full on fist fights that occur in the street that have nothing to do with our task!

How we do it

At Delta 74 Private Investigations we differ our techniques and methods all dependant on the task. Carrying out surveillance on a cheating partner case is completely different to a surveillance task in relation to corporate fraud or business espionage.

The main two types of surveillance are directed surveillance and unmanned surveillance. You can learn more about unmanned surveillance by clicking here to go to our technical page.

Directed private surveillance can then be broken down into 3 main groups itself.

Mobile Surveillance

Almost all surveillance tasks around Derby, Nottingham and Leicester now are mobile surveillance operations. In short, a mobile surveillance task is one where cars are involved.

Usually the surveillance period starts with a stakeout period until we spot movement and then we follow our subject wherever they go. At the same time of which we will capture HD footage of the events as evidence.

As soon as they stop somewhere be it a supermarket or a house, we will capture them on camera.

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Foot Surveillance

Foot surveillance is generally based around the much larger cities such as London, Manchester and Birmingham.

We carry out surveillance on foot when our subject of investigation is known not to drive and uses public transport and mostly walks. Sometimes foot surveillance is necessary when our subject of investigation is believed to be on a night out in a city centre and alcohol is involved.

Foot surveillance is a very useful way of getting lots of HD video footage and allows our agents to get in close to hear conversations or phone calls.

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Static Surveillance

Exactly what it says on the tin. You designate the address or area that you want to be watched and we carry out observations for as long as needed.

A lot of cases that require static observations are co-habitation situations. Our clients are recently separated or divorced and need to confirm the living arrangements at an address to evidence residency. This can help to manage maintenance payments that may have been agreed and aren’t actually necessary.

Static surveillance can also help to defeat problems in rural areas. Fly tipping and theft of farming equipment is on a massive increase lately. Delta 74 Private investigations can deploy a covert rural observations position to watch a space and evidence all comings and goings.

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The legalities

Directly following an individual is sometimes seen as morally wrong and often illegal but this is not the case.

As professional investigators we will always look at the proportionality and assess the impact of a private surveillance task that we are going to carry out and we follow data processing guidelines to ensure we are above the law so that our evidence will always hold up in court if needed to.

What you get afterwards

Once we have fully completed the surveillance part of the investigation, we will compile all the footage to create an edited video. The video comes along with an easy to read report which will document all the events that happened including captioned pictures.

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What to do if you're being followed
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