Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud has been around for years and the terms such as ‘crash for cash’ are now commonplace. The fight against insurance fraud will only continue , with some claims made being in the millions of pounds.

Here at Delta 74 Private Investigations we have proven methods of evidence gathering in the case of suspected fraudulent insurance claims, and we have been using those methods successfully since our company was founded.

Surveillance for Insurers

Covert surveillance in the insurance fraud arena is nothing new and has been going on for years. It has become an essential piece of the puzzle in determining if an insurance claim is genuine or fraudulent.

The video evidence can be and often is the deciding factor around the settlement of the claim. Claims have been reduced from being in the millions of pounds to the thousands. Other insurance fraud investigations have found some claimants behind bars as their claim was so dishonest and fraudulent.

The Evidence We Provide

All of our video evidence is gathered legally by fully trained and qualified professionals (IQ Level 3 Award for Private Investigators) and is stored in accordance within data protection laws.

Our evidence is irrefutable and gives you the means of pursuing a more reasonable settlement that reflects the true cost of the insurance claim.

On completion of the investigation you will receive a comprehensive report and corroborating video footage, all edited ready to present at a settlement meeting.

Car Insurance Fraud
Car Insurance Fraudster

How Can It Help You

Insurance claims vary and no two are the same, however catching out fraudulent claimants is now the go to answer.

We can provide professional assistance by giving you and the court an unfiltered and unbiased view of how a claimant goes about their day to day activities.

For example, should a claim include a back injury meaning the claimant is unfit for work, and we capture the claimant riding a bike or playing football, this evidence will support your case for a fraudulent claim. 

Our evidence, when presented to fraudulent claimants, is irrefutable and can give you the upper hand in your negotiations to reach a more reasonable settlement.

Our Experience

All of the staff at Delta 74 Private Investigations are highly experienced in insurance fraud surveillance having completed investigations across the UK for in a wide range of cases.

Whilst our surveillance staff are sub-contractors, we ensure each one is thoroughly vetted and has the correct past experience to operate at the highest level for commercial surveillance. All our operatives are fully equipped with the latest in surveillance technologies and produce high quality HD images and video footage.

We never produce substandard mobile phone footage.

The Product You Receive

Our surveillance staff will get as close as they can to capture clear and steady footage, every time. If a claimant enters into a supermarket then we are equipped and ready to get in there and capture any evidence.

This means your final edited video and detailed report will clearly show the truth around a claimant’s injuries.

Fully included in the price includes a video edit and report with accompanying surveillance logs and SD cards for evidential purposes should the case go to court.

As we conduct all of our filming from the public domain it is all fully legal and will be admissible as evidence in court.

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