Private Investigator Birmingham

Delta 74 Private Investigations offices are located to the north of Birmingham straight up on the M42 which offers us a straight shot road straight into the city. All of our staff have a vast knowledge of the city and surrounding areas having operated a private investigator Birmingham many times. 

We have done it all in Birmingham from cheating partner investigations, technical led investigations such as vehicle trackers all the way to nuisance neighbours surveillance. That type of surveillance is whereby we evidence anti-social behaviour towards you or your property to potentially be used in court.

Some of the areas we have carried out private investigator services around Birmingham include: Aston, Alum Rock, Small Heath, Lozells, Edgbaston, Birmingham Airport and of course, the city centre.

The challenges that Birmingham brings to an investigator is the varied amounts of travel on offer ranging from normal driving routes which are usually very busy and The West Midland Metro. 

Private Investigator Birmingham

Delta 74 Private Investigations are available to provide surveillance and investigatory services in and around Birmingham, and the wider West Midlands area. Working with a wide range of businesses and commercial clients, as well as private individuals to identify and evidence a wide range of investigations, from missing persons to intellectual property theft and cheating spouses.

Business And Commercial Investigations

Working with a variety of businesses, companies and even government departments across Birmingham, we offer commercial private investigations to keep your business, reputation, staff and assets safe and your trade secrets well-protected!

Private And Family Investigations

Our services are also available to private individuals who may require investigatory assistance with suspected unfaithful partners, missing or lost people or safeguarding children.

All the services we provide are carried out with the highest levels of sensitivity and professionalism. Our investigators understand that family concerns are often filled with emotion, and whether you want evidence for child custody or divorce proceedings, or you simply want to discover the truth, you can trust us to obtain the evidence you need whilst handling your case with the utmost care.

No matter what you need to investigate, contact our discreet Birmingham team today to discuss your case. We will assess your situation and recommend the most suitable methods that suit your budget and required outcome.

private investigator Birmingham
BT Tower in Birmingham
Bug Sweeping Services
Bug Sweeping - Listening Device

Bug Sweeping In Birmingham

Technical counter surveillance, or bug sweeping services are available to businesses and private individuals throughout the Birmingham area. Whether you are concerned that you are being watched or followed, perhaps by a spouse or ex-partner, or you need to ensure your business is operating securely, we can provide a survey to identify any bugs or devices located in your home, vehicle or workplace.

Electronic monitoring devices can now be purchased cheaply and easily installed by anyone, and with this rise in availability, we have seen an increase in the number of individuals spying on businesses, family and friends. Our investigators will uncover the presence of any devices, and inform you. We can then discuss the best way to remove them and identify the person surveilling you and what information they may have obtained, or been attempting to discover.

Business Investigators in Birmingham

As specialist commercial investigators in Birmingham, you can rely on our expert team to safeguard your business from potential threats and protect you from fraudulent or criminal activity that may leave you exposed.

Our health and safety surveillance services are tailored to your requirements, and will ensure you have taken all appropriate measures to protect your business, employees and reputation in the event of a claim, investigation or legal proceedings.

We undertake thorough due diligence services so you can be sure your employees, clients and the companies you partner with are fully investigated prior to coming on board. This will allow you to establish a secure working environment with colleagues you can trust.

If you’re concerned that your business may not be as secure as you would like, our expert team of investigators can deliver exhaustive penetration testing. We will uncover any weaknesses or threats in your IT infrastructure or physical premises so you can take the required steps to reinforce your security.

Commercial Investigations
Business Investigations In Birmingham
Cheating Partner
Cheating Partner Investigations in Birmingham

Cheating Partner Investigations in Birmingham

Having an unfaithful partner can be very stressful, especially if you can’t prove they are cheating. Our private investigator Birmingham will provide the evidence you need to confront a cheating husband or wife.

Whether you are simply looking for proof to end the relationship, or you need solid evidence to present in court proceedings for divorce or child custody, our expert investigators can offer a range of services to provide the information you need.

We understand that the breakdown of a relationship is a very emotional and upsetting time, and so you can rely on our team to undertake our services discreetly and sensitively, treating you with respect throughout.

From the initial conversation with you to discover your requirements, throughout the investigation and through to the handover of the complete case, we will work quickly and efficiently to fulfil your requirements.

So if you need evidence of a cheating partner in Birmingham, get in touch with your team today. You can trust us to provide the professional services you need to put your mind at ease.

Child Protection Investigations in Birmingham

If you can’t be with your child or children all the time, ensuring they are safe and well cared for when they are away from you is paramount. Our child protection services in Birmingham can be your eyes when you’re away from your loved ones, ensuring that their guardians are acting appropriately.

Whether you just want to put your mind at ease that your children are safe, or you need evidence for a child custody case, our sensitive and professional investigators in Birmingham can obtain all the information you need. If your children are subject to certain rules laid out in a formal child protection or custody agreement, such as not spending time alone with certain people, we will work diligently to help you ensure the safety of your child.

Child protection investigations must be undertaken strictly in line with legal requirements, to ensure your child’s privacy or human rights are not breached, and so we use a variety of safe and discreet methods to monitor their activities and collect evidence. Our ‘fly on the wall’ services will ensure your children and their guardians do not know they are being surveilled, so they will continue with their normal activities while we collate the evidence you need.

cohabitation Investigation
Child Protection Investigations In Birmingham
Counter Surveillance In Birmingham

Counter Surveillance Services in Birmingham

Are you being watched? If you believe you are being followed, for whatever reason, you can trust our investigators to uncover the truth. We offer a range of counter-surveillance services throughout Birmingham, and we can teach you how to keep yourself safe by altering your daily activities. If someone is surveilling you, we can help you make it very difficult for them and reduce the risk that they will uncover the evidence or information they are looking for.

If necessary, we can dispatch our expert counter-surveillance teams to identify the people following you. We will shadow your movements and highlight where and when they are monitoring you.

Our bug sweeping service is also highly effective at uncovering the presence of any electronic devices in your home, workplace or vehicle, that have been installed to listen or watch you remotely.

People Tracing Services in Birmingham

Are you looking for someone? Our missing person investigations in Birmingham can track people throughout the country and even further afield if necessary. So if you’re looking for a loved one that has disappeared, an old friend that you’ve lost touch with or a long lost family member you can trust our private investigators to help.

We also offer missing persons services to businesses tracing debtors, clients or employees that have gone absent without leave.

We offer an effective ‘no find, no fee’ package, or if you need a more thorough service, we undertake an open source investigation, utilising online data and public information to track and trace individuals.

No matter what your reasons are for tracking down a missing person, we will only take on cases where we can ensure the safety of the found person once located.

So if you’re looking for someone, contact our expert private investigator Birmingham for professional and effective assistance.

People Tracing Services
People Tracing Services in Birmingham
GPS Vehicle Tracking
Vehicle Tracking in Birmingham

Vehicle Tracking In Birmingham

We offer a range of vehicle tracking services, often used by private individuals to follow a suspected cheating spouse, or by businesses to monitor the use of their company vehicles.

We can fit discreet GPS tracking devices to your vehicle to monitor it’s movements. This allows you to uncover exactly where the vehicle is, where it’s been and any stops it’s made. The software is so advanced, it can even tell you the speed of your vehicle and how long it’s spent in each location.

Available either as software on your computer, or via a smartphone application, you will be able to check on the whereabouts of your vehicle at all times and download reports to use as evidence when required.

If you need to track a vehicle in Birmingham, simply get in touch with our expert team of private instigators today. We can talk you through the best options and help you get the evidence you need quickly.

Surveillance Services In Birmingham

Our surveillance teams and private investigators in Birmingham are mostly drawn from a military or law enforcement background so you can be sure they have the training and experience to operate effectively, discreetly and professionally.

They understand how best to structure a surveillance operation, locally, nationally and even further afield if necessary, and have the skill to adapt to unforeseen circumstances to obtain the information or results you require.

If you need surveillance services in Birmingham, contact our expert private investigator Birmingham team today. We can discuss your case and budget and recommend the most efficient and cost-effective option to get the results you need, quickly.

surveillance services
Surveillance Services In Birmingham

One of the Three Best

We are also listed as one of the three best rated private investigators in another local city for the past two years now. This is a great achievement for us at Delta 74 Private Investigations and is one we are proud to showcase at any opportunity.

Covering Birmingham

Exact postcodes we cover across Birmingham are : B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, B8, B9, B10, B11, B13, B14, B15, B16, B17, B18, B19, B20, B23,  B26, B33, B34, B35,  B36,  B37, B42,  B43, B44

If you are in that bracket above do not hesitate to call us on 01332 498073 to discuss your situation.

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