Employee Theft Investigations

Employee theft costs UK businesses more than £190,000,000 every year! This has a serious impact on any business and it is why employee theft investigations are on the rise, especially in the Midlands.

The impact employee theft has on a business is quite clear. It can seriously affect profits, limit the company’s chance of future success and ultimately endanger it’s future.

There is no way to determine who the thief at a company could be. We have seen nearly all levels of theft occurring from workers on the shop floor up to senior directors.

Employee Theft Investigations
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There are a few categories thieves fall into and they are;

Opportunist thief – someone who is seemingly a good person but when a chance of theft appears they jump at it. Usually without completely thinking it through. A hard one to detect within a business. This highlights more the processes of a company that need to change in order to stop it happening further.

Disgruntled thief – this is someone who steals because they feel underpaid and undervalued. In turn this thief steals to get something back from the company. Generally this type of theft is quite small in a lot of cases and is usually based around products or cash.

Criminal thief – all theft is criminal of course but these are usually the worst type of thief. They use their inside knowledge of a company to create a strategy ready to steal products on a huge scale. We have seen employees create networks of people to steal huge amounts of fuel and even lorry loads of goods.

How can Delta 74 Private Investigations help you?

We have worked on dozens of employee theft cases now. Each one has been a challenge to work around but we strive to be the best. You can read our blog on Employee Theft here.

In the first instance of suspicion discretion is vital. As soon as you make the call to us we will work to quickly make a plan of action and assess with you the best route to take. Options include;

Mobile surveillance
Static surveillance
Test purchasing – buying the stolen products back whilst undercover
Hidden/Covert cameras – this is completely lawful when used in the correct way which we will guide you through
Visible/Overt cameras

Employee Theft Investigations

What is the end product?

On completion of the investigation be it a surveillance period or a camera deployed we will prepare and deliver an easy to read report along with video evidence that is court admissible.

These together will be ready for you to take to interview with the employee(s) in question ready for disciplinary or dismissal.

Extra benefits include the safety of your future profits not being stolen and it can act as a deterrent to any further thefts happening again.

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