Employee Sickness

Employee sickness or false absenteeism costs UK businesses an estimated £5.6bn every year, so it is a very serious issue that is more common than most people think. As a result of this cost to business, our employee sickness investigations have been on the increase in recent years.

Our employee sickness investigations can provide you with the truth, if you suspect an employee is fraudulently claiming sick leave and sick pay. Employee sickness or false absenteeism is often the result of an employee exaggerating their sickness claim in order to work elsewhere (essentially doubling their earnings) or to take paid time off, but not actually need to.

What Does Employee Sickness Evidence Let You Do?

In the first instance it will give you all the facts around the employee’s claim. The view we offer is an uninterrupted pattern of life to show the true character or your employee, and provide insight into their daily habits whilst they are claiming to be off sick. We have seen employees’ claim for back injuries, but whilst under investigation, have gone and played golf!

The evidence we provide following an employee sickness investigation lets you take the next steps in your company’s disciplinary proceedings. Considerations at this point are the severity of what has been recorded, and if you want to dismiss or discipline.

This gives you all the facts and the upper hand in any future discussions or mediation, as our evidence is irrefutable and leaves the employee on the back foot.

How It Helps Your Company

We help to reduce unnecessary costs to your business. 

Employees injured at work, claiming for injuries that are completely fabricated, can run a small business into the ground. We can help you fight back and assist your legal team with the evidence you need to reach a settlement, or even get the claim dismissed completely.

Paying two employees, but only seeing work out of one is very costly to small businesses. Following our investigation this will let you hold the cards and decide your next steps with your HR team.

Employee Sickness
Employee Sickness Investigations

When to Call Us

Typically, we can carry out an investigation into any employee sickness claim, however we have to be cost effective for our clients.

The following situations are definitely worth giving us a call about:

Previous False Absenteeism Investigations

False Absenteeism usually starts with an employee going off sick with an injury or illness, with no medical evidence and then in a week or so a doctor’s note will be provided to strengthen their claim of sickness. Within a workplace rumours will then start that the sick employee is not actually being truthful, and we are called in.

We then use our expert skills and specialist equipment to carry out a surveillance operation to provide indisputable evidence on the true nature of the employee’s sickness claim. Only in one case so far, carried out by Delta 74 Private Investigations, have we seen that an employee was being completely genuine.

In all the other cases our clients were able to use the surveillance reports and video evidence we gathered to dismiss or take disciplinary actions against the misconduct.

Call us Today

If this is a situation you are in as a small business, then we are your next port of call. You cannot afford to wait any longer to make your enquiry with us.

We offer a completely free consultation, to understand your case and recommend the next steps. Contact us now and let an expert investigator from Delta 74 Private Investigations come and take an impartial look at your case.

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