Private Investigator Swadlincote

The expert private investigator Swadlincote team at Delta 74 Private Investigations are well respected throughout Swadlincote for providing fast, effective and professional investigation services to businesses and private individuals.

Whether you need evidence of employee misconduct, peace of mind about a cheating spouse, child protection services, enhanced security for your business or to trace a missing person, our expert private investigators operate through Swadlincote, and further a field to obtain the evidence you need.

Private investigator Swadlincote

We have a highly experienced team of investigators, most with a background in law enforcement or the armed forces, ready to dispatch throughout Swadlincote. With a wealth of local knowledge and years of experience, you can rely on our team to investigate your case quickly and discreetly, utilising a full range of investigative methods and devices to provide robust results.

So whether you need vehicle tracking software fitting, counter-surveillance services or evidence of a cheating wife or husband, our expert team are on hand to help.

Business And Commercial Investigations

Our commercial investigation services in Swadlincote are designed to protect all areas of your company from risks that could undermine your business. From employee and client checks, to competitor investigations and even counter-surveillance, we will help to ensure your business, assets and intellectual property are secure from all potential threats.

Private And Family Investigations

We offer a range of relationship, family and child protection services to private individuals in Swadlincote. Whether you’re looking for evidence to support an impending court case, you want to keep your children safe when they are in the care of others, or you just need to know the truth to put your mind at rest, you can trust our expert team to help.

We understand that family matters can be fraught with emotion and stress and so you can rely on our team to handle your case sympathetically, sensitively, and with discretion.

We use a range of professional investigative methods tailored to suit the particulars of your case, from vehicle tracking and surveillance, to tracing missing persons, we will put together a package that will provide the results you need within your budget.

Bug Sweeping Services

Bug Sweeping In Swadlincote

Bug sweeping is a technical counter surveillance method that will identify the presence of any electronic devices hidden in the places you frequent. These bugs are tiny and discreet and can be bought and installed cheaply and easily by almost anyone. As a result, we have seen an increase in the number of people using these devices to spy on their family, friends and even businesses.

Our team has the technology and experience to effectively sweep any location to find and remove any electronic monitoring devices. We can also help you to document the evidence and discover the identity of the person surveilling you, so you can initiate further legal proceedings if required.

For more information about our bug sweeping services in Swadlincote, simply get in touch with our private investigator Swadlincote team today. We will discuss your concerns and recommend the best course of action.

Business Investigators in Swadlincote

Our team of corporate specialists can undertake business investigations throughout Swadlincote. If you’re concerned that your business may be exposed to any threats, we can undertake a thorough investigation that will uncover any weakness, either physical or digital.

We offer health and safety assessments that will ensure your business is operating in line with legislation, that your employees are safe and your business is protected from claims, fraudulent activity or other investigations.

Our due diligence investigations are designed to thoroughly assess the background and operations of any potential employees, clients or business partners, so you can create a secure working environment with trustworthy colleagues. We can also track down debtors and recover money owed; find absent employees and check in on employees who may be claiming sick leave fraudulently.

We also offer penetration services that will assess the security of your business from all angles. Whether that’s physical entry points that may be vulnerable to intruders, or weaknesses within your IT infrastructure that may be open to cyber attacks. It is your responsibility to secure the data and information you hold, so if you want to test your security, simply give our team a call.

Commercial Investigations
Cheating Partner

Cheating Partner Investigations in Swadlincote

If you need help finding out the truth about an unfaithful spouse in Swadlincote, our team of matrimonial investigators are on hand to help. We can undertake surveillance services that will expose your cheating spouse and provide you with the evidence you need to confront them.

From our very first contact with you and throughout the investigation, we will treat you with respect. We know how distressing it can be to have a cheating husband or wife, and so we will always endeavour to obtain the evidence you need quickly and efficiently.

Our professional team have a range of methods and technologies available to help them track, monitor and record your partner’s activities. From vehicle tracking to static surveillance, we will work diligently and professionally to fulfil your requirements.

We also store all original recordings securely, so if required later as evidence in court proceedings we can support this.

Our private investigator Swadlincote team are ready to be dispatched today, so get in touch if you need to find out the truth.

Child Protection Investigations in Swadlincote

Our private investigation services in Swadlincote can also be used to monitor your children when they are not in your care. If you’re concerned that they are not receiving the care they deserve, or that their guardians or breaching a child protection order, we can dispatch a team to investigate.

We know that ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your children is of paramount importance and if you can’t be with them at all times, you need a team you can trust to provide this service. Our child protection services prioritise the safety of children at all times and so you can rely on us to respect your child’s rights and privacy as much as possible, whilst obtaining the evidence you need to protect them, or present in court if required.

We use a range of ‘fly on the wall’ methods and technology to monitor your child and their caregivers, discreetly and professionally. So if your child is subject to a protection order you believe is being breached, you don’t trust their caregivers or you want evidence to use in a custody hearing, we will work with you to get all the information you need.

Contact us today to discuss the safety of your child in Swadlincote and we will provide the professional services you require to keep them safe and happy.

cohabitation Investigation

Counter Surveillance Services in Swadlincote

Do you feel like someone is watching you? Perhaps someone is following you, or you think they might be tracking or monitoring you using electronic devices. Our team of expert counter surveillance operatives work throughout Swadlincate and are available to help you uncover the truth today.

We can provide counter-surveillance investigators in Swadlincote to watch you, and find out if anyone is following you. They work discreetly, so we can identify the person monitoring you without alerting them to our presence, giving you the upper hand. Our bug sweeping services will also identify the presence of any electronic devices that have been covertly installed in your home, vehicle or workplace, to record your conversations or activities.

We can also teach you tactics to distract or lose anyone surveilling you. We’ll help you change your behaviours and daily routines so anyone following you will find it difficult to keep track of you.

If you believe they are trying to obtain evidence, or specific information, we can help you to protect your personal data and keep yourself secure. Simply give us a call today to find out how we can keep you and your information safe.

People Tracing Services in Swadlincote

Our people tracing services can help you if you’re looking to find someone you’ve lost touch with. Whether it’s a long lost friend or missing relative; our missing persons investigators use a range of people tracing tactics to find them.

Our business tracing services can also help you track down clients that may owe you a debt, or employees that are absent from work and not contactable.

We offer two people tracing services, a basic ‘no find, no fee’ service that means you only pay when we find the person you’re looking for, or a more in-depth service that utilities more through investigative methods and open source data, to find and trace an individual.

Before we take on a missing persons case, we will always carry out due diligence to ensure they will be safe when found.

So if you’ve lost contact with someone and you need to find them, contact our private investigator Swadlincote team to discuss our people tracing services in Swadlincote.

People Tracing Services
GPS Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking In Swadlincote

Our vehicle tracking services are an affordable solution for businesses looking to track the use of company vehicles or for private individuals who want to monitor the whereabouts of a spouse.

Our discreet GPS devices can be fitted to any vehicle you have access to. We can then provide you with software that will allow you to check in on your vehicle’s whereabouts 24/7. It can provide real time reports on the vehicle’s movements and locations, speed, stops and visits.

So if you need to monitor the whereabouts of your vehicle, or your fleet, our team can talk you through the process and install any devices and software you need. We’ll help you get the information you need, whether that’s evidence of a one-off visit, or continued tracking to monitor your employees.

Surveillance Services In Swadlincote

We have a team of professional surveillance operatives with military or law enforcement training and experience, on hand to assist with your investigative case. They use a variety of discreet tried and tested methods to undertake any operation with professional care and diligence and obtain the results and evidence you need.

Whether the investigation is local to Swadlincote, national or even further afield, we can structure an operation to suit your requirements.

So if you’re looking for a surveillance team in Swadlincote, contact us today to discuss your requirements. We can tailor a package to get the results you need quickly and discreetly.

surveillance services
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