Cheating Statistics UK 2023

Now 2023 has been and gone it has prompted us look at the cheating statistics UK 2023. I’ve extensively done my research on this one to get the latest data to bring you some answers. Many readers of previous posts have come looking for answers and if they are right in their suspicions after looking at the numbers.

How Common was Infidelity?

1 in 5 people [1] admit to affairs is still the current number for the UK in 2023 meaning that 20% of the population have had an affair in their marriage. Now the number is a skewered here as it does relate to people in the survey that admitted which means the number in truth could be higher still!

Who Cheated More, Men or Women in 2023?

In previous years it was more 50/50 however 2023 saw us prove that more men were cheating compared to women.

I’ve ran our actual numbers looking at our cases. From the cheating partner investigations, we carried out in 2023, 25% of our investigations looked at and proved women were cheating which left a whopping 75% of men that were proved to be cheating!

When I say proved I am talking after clients had used our surveillance services which show explicitly what situation is going on.  

The numbers above do not include cases where no infidelity was proven and recorded as those investigations aren’t recorded in our data.

Cheating Statistics UK 2023

Unmarried versus Married Cheating Statistics UK 2023

The statistics do give a clear picture that being unmarried means you are more likely to be cheated on as many would not be surprised to read. Currently according to Wikipedia – Studies suggest around 30–40% of unmarried relationships and 18–20% of marriages see at least one incident of sexual infidelity. [2]

Where Did Most Affairs Begin in 2023?

In the Workplace

It is no surprise that this was still the number 1 place where an affair began as 2023 saw lots of businesses return to the office after some years of remote working. Add into that the workplace is where most people spend the majority of their time, it is going to likely remain number 1.

The workplace is the more common location for women to begin their affairs compared to men [1] with 39% of women compared to 31% for men.

A Friend or Someone Known to the Couple

This is more common for women than men who seek out an emotional connection compared to men who seek out a physical connection. Often during our investigations in the past years, we have shown our clients who their partner is cheating with to be told that person is known to our client. More often our client actually suspects their partner and a friend, asking us to prove or disprove suspicions!


Of course, dating apps like Tinder and Bumble are still common for people to seek partners but still on the rise are extra-marital affair sites such as Ashely Maddison and the UKs leading site – Illicit Encounters.

Which Cities Were Most Unfaithful in 2023?

Want to know exactly where the most users for an affair are? Illicit Encounters has it dialled in for with their user mapping [3]

Use the link above to find exactly how many people in your local area are cheating.

The statistics for the most unfaithful cities are changing constantly but at the time of this blog post the latest data shows that Frome in Somerset is the most adulterous location in the UK during 2023.

Locally to the East Midlands, Arnold in Nottingham is 14th on the list.


To finish what has become a yearly blog post to update the numbers around the cheating statistics UK 2023, it is clear in that more men cheated compared to women. Please bear in mind our services do attract more female clients with 63% of our client database being women.

If you need to prove infidelity or simply want some advice, we are always ready to take your call! If you are calling in regards to a cheating partner though it is likely, according to the statistics that your suspicions are correct. So get in touch!





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