4 Common Signs Your Partner is Cheating

One of our biggest markets is the matrimonial investigations side. Catching cheating partners red handed.

It is a 50/50 tally according to our own findings between men and women cheating. We’re both as bad as each other. The way we do it isn’t all that different either but the why isn’t always that clear and unfortunately, we can’t tell our clients the why most of the time.

So, before we look at the 4 Common Signs Your partner is Cheating, let’s take a quick look at The Why..

The truth is the seven-year itch isn’t always a myth. Boredom can be a huge factor and not just in the bedroom, although that is where it usually ends up. The entire lifestyle we lead can sometimes become mundane and lead people towards the path of cheating so that there is some sort of flare in their life.

Of it all work, bills, commuting, Brexit, the thrill of an affair adds the excitement back into a cheater’s life and for the cheating partner, eventually it consumes their entire life. Producing very elaborate lies to get away with it and sometimes them believing in it all so much.

One of the oldest reasons is just a loss of love. Couples can be together from such a young age and over the decades they grow apart. Sometimes couples can grow to hate each other, often only staying together for their kids. In this instance an affair almost seems logical. Logical but not fair for those involved of course.

Another reason people stray from their current partner can purely be the opportunity presented itself. Usually this type forms within the work place as it’s where we spend a vast amount of our time and it’s a place we can meet new people who we might not necessarily have met otherwise.

With these reasons for cheating now in your mind, let’s list the 4 Common Signs Your Partner is Cheating.

How Someone is with their phone

This will be a huge factor to help you determine if someone might be playing away. We live and breathe using our phones now so if someone is guarded with their phone it tells a huge story. Think, could they be planning a surprise or is it they’re arranging their next meet up. Now, my advice is that if you go looking for trouble you will most probably find it and that includes scouring your partner’s phone for evidence of cheating.

That said does your partner always take calls into another room?

Do they sleep with their screen face down every night?

Is their phone always on silent? Including not even being on vibrate.

Do they take it into the bathroom with them, even when they shower?

We live on social media, are they using those apps more? Perhaps messaging through them such as www.facebook.com.

These are the some of the most common signs of behaviour with cheaters and their phones. Often the easiest sign to see, especially if you live with them.

Are they working late or more often?

Ahh the workplace. One of the most common places for a connection to spark and turn into a full-blown relationship. With it being the place for cheaters to start their affair it will undoubtedly make sense they use it as an excuse to keep their affair going.

Business trips away, work nights out, long meetings that run over, meeting ‘new’ clients or networking events can all be excuses that are used and that we have seen to be used too. These are the excuses that lend themselves to phones being turned off or to silent and not being answered.

If your partner is guarded about details of these things or they spring up last minute it could be a sign along with any details of colleagues and signs of affection to a particular colleague. Usually with work place affairs our clients have a good idea who it is I’m afraid to say.

Changes in grooming habits

This sign is one that is so obvious once you’ve noticed it. Changes can include showering more or being generally cleaner and showering immediately as they come home (not including the gym). Why would an office worker need to immediately shower after work? Washing away the evidence of perfume perhaps.

Being a bit more groomed down there or more care being taken. This one is usually seen in partners who have been together a while and have relaxed with it until now.. until they are trying to impress elsewhere.

You have that gut feeling

This last one isn’t provable in any scientific study. However, we all know what I mean but THAT feeling. Our instincts are much more to go on then we really believe and usually if you feel something is off, then you’re probably right.

We can sometimes feel if someone is watching us so why can’t we get that sense something is wrong in our partners?

When our client’s come to us with this one it usually ends up with a cheating partner, I’m afraid to say. Our clients can’t say exactly who it is but they can feel it from their partners behaviour and demeanour.

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Delta 74 Private Investigations owner – Dan

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