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We provide a wide range of private investigators services throughout the UK. Confidentiality guaranteed by qualified and professional investigators
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Covert Surveillance
Industry experts in discreet surveillance services we can uncover the truth and provide the evidence you need
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Cheating Partner
Do you suspect your partner of cheating? We can help you get the evidence you need
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If you can't be with your child all of the time, we can provide the evidence you need to keep them safe and proteced from harm
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Private Investigators

Delta 74 Private Investigations are private investigators based in Derby which is in the heart of the East Midlands. We take great pride to provide an affordable, reliable and professional service no matter what the circumstances are.

Our team of experienced private investigators are dedicated to providing you with accurate and reliable information, while maintaining the utmost confidentiality.

Services carried out include; cheating partner investigations, live vehicle/asset tracking, hidden device instalment (such as cameras or microphones) and business investigations (including employee disputes).

Our services are also surprisingly affordable! See how much private investigators cost here for more information.

Our Services

Our most common private investigator services are listed below to help you find the help you need. 

Cheating Partners


Technical Investigations

Business Investigations

Vehicle Tracking

Child Protection Investigations

People Tracing

Bug Sweeping

Counter Surveillance

Cheating Partner Investigations

This is our main workload and how we help the majority of our clients. We have specialised in helping prove infidelity since 2017. Our process is tested and works to help get you the evidence you need to make informed decisions about how you move on with your life. Our unique selling point here is our sensitive approach and helping guide you through what is going on. 

Employee Investigations

Our most popular service for businesses, big and small. The reasons for investigating employees ranges from Theft, Contractual Breaches such as not adhering to garden leave, False Absenteeism where an employee is abusing the sickness policy and Confidentiality Breaches where an employee is using insider knowledge to aid business competitors. Businesses are not toothless in gaining evidence and we can advice you all the way through. 

People Tracing

Our No Find No Fee service is top notch with a 97% success rate. Using industry leading databases and open source search techniques,  we leave no stone unturned in finding the person you are looking for. Whether it’s a long-lost relative, debtor or a witness, we have the expertise to track them down and provide you with their current location.

Co-Habitation Investigations

Going through a divorce battle puts you under immense stress and then adding to that the other party is lying for financial gain against you. We can help prove that they are living with their new partner despite claims they are not. We have developed multiple ways of doing this so that our evidence is irrefutable in court, just when you need it! 

Process Serving

Looking to start the divorce proceedings but your partner will not accept the papers or respond? We can help. Looking to get money back through process? We can get a Statutory Demand served for you. Our fast and effective Process Serving service lets you get moving forward again.

The Delta 74 Shop

We are stockists of some of the best surveillance equipment used by private investigators on the market today. Our product range includes hidden cameras disguised as bluetooth speakers and discreet listening devices built specifically for investigations. For more products head over to the shop and browse through the categories. Should you need to get the equipment, ensure you’re buying the best from the best!

How It All Works

The hardest step is always the first. Getting in touch is the very start of your journey to the answers and evidence you need.

We will you listen to your story and advise you on the best course of action in terms of budget and time. 


The next step is to gather all information you already have and then we begin our information collection ahead of the investigation beginning. 

The most important part here are the objectives to achieve are set and agreed.  

Next, the heavy lifting is done by us whether it be surveillance, people tracing or general investigating we get to work for you. 

During this phase we communicate all the way throughout so you know how we are doing. 

Lastly, once the investigation is complete we provide you with a report of our findings, usually within 24 hours.

This will include everything we find and if you used surveillance we send you over the the video too. 

The answer to this question is all relevant to exactly which service or group of services you require. To find a full breakdown of our prices please visit our Costs Page

100% completely legal within the United Kingdom. All of our methods during an investigation are conducted within UK law and all of our evidence is admissible in court if needed. 

Always. From the moment you begin speaking with us whether it is to simply ask for advice or the work is prolonged, all of it is completely confidential. 

We will only share details outside of our client/investigator relationship with your explicit permission. 

Within the UK, the private investigation industry is not licenced and at the moment relies on trade associations policing the industry. We are members of a professional trade group, The Institute of Professional Investigators. Should you ever have any complaint about our level of service, you can make a complaint to these trade bodies. 

One of the most asked questions we receive is this however it is not feasible or in any way legal within the UK to hack or access into someone’s phone without their explicit permission. 

We can forensically search a phone but we must have permission from the owner of the device. 

We accept bank transfers, cheques and all card payments are processed via Stripe. We do accept cash if you need to keep the payment away from your bank statement for protection purposes and to be discreet. 

Predominately we work within the Midlands region being based in Derby however we can work nationwide for all investigative work. 

We love to meet our clients as it builds trust and lets you put a face to your investigators. We can meet you at either our main office in Castle Donington near East Midlands Airport or our Nottingham office. Should these not be feasible or preferred we can also meet you closer to home should you wish. 

This is completely set by you. We understand our client’s may live with people who are being investigated such as a cheating partner so we ask you the preferred times and methods of when and how we talk to you. We can email, call, text or WhatsApp. 

The trade associations at the moment are in talks with the DVLA to enable professional agencies access to it’s database similar to car parking companies, however at the moment we cannot locate someone from a vehicle registration plate of a vehicle. Should you have been involved in a hit and run incident we can apply to the DVLA on your behalf but cannot guarantee any results. 

During your initial enquiry we will listen to your situation and advise the best steps for you to take. This will be in terms of the most cost effective, time efficient and least intrusive way possible. 

If it will not be an investment on your part, we will advise you as such and try to advise another way to help your situation. 

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