Eyoyo 5.5 Inch Mini HD Monitor

See without being seen!

Having this mini monitor lets you sit hidden away and watch via your camera meaning you don’t have to be directly having to watch with your eyes.


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The trusted Eyoyo 5.5 inch mini HD monitor lets you wire up to your video camera by HDMI, VGA or AV meaning nearly all video cameras now are compatible.

Mounting the Eyoyo 5.5 Inch Mini HD Monitor in your vehicle and having your camera mounted means you can see what you’re filming from anywhere in your vehicle whether that be in the driver’s seat or in a boot fit surveillance platform.

If you are using this monitor from your driver’s seat and in view of your subject you can view everything live without needing to ever directly look at your subject who will be none the wiser you’re able to see their movements with your head down!

*Monitor stand pictured not included


  • HD viewing monitor
  • HDMI port
  • AV Input
  • VGA Input
  • USB charging
  • Lightweight
  • All metal case ready to be mounted on a magnet


  • 1x Eyoyo 5.5 inch HD monitor
  • 1x USB power cable
  • 1x instructions
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