3M HDMI to Micro Adapter Cable

3 meter HDMI to HDMI Micro Adapter Cable suitable for Sony and Panasonic camcorders

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The 3 meter HDMI to micro HDMI adapter cable is an essential piece of cabling for a surveillance vehicle or observation post.

Compatible with most decent camcorders on the market this can be used to plug in and work with a small HD screen so you can remote view whilst on the move or in hide. Using this set up is far more reliable than using a Wifi function for prolonged periods. A huge benefit to this is also it helps with power management which whilst working remotely must be factored in.

The 3 meter cable length gives you the flexibility to run the cable around your vehicle or in your observation post without worry of needing to be right next to the camcorder.


  • 3 meter length perfect for running in a vehicle or observation post.
  • Tough outer cabling which allows for bending
  • Lightweight and durable making it easy for travel


  • 3 meter HDMI to Micro HDMI Adapter Cable
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