JJC SR-F2 Remote for Sony Multi-Port

The 1M JJC SR-F2 remote is perfect for operating in your surveillance platform.

It enables the user to see exactly what state your camcorder is in with the light indicator.

Red – Recording & Green – Standby

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The brilliant JJC SR-F2 Sony Multi-Port remote is one of the best remotes on the market currently.

Including a status light to show if you are recording or not you can also power up or down your camera system from this remote.

Using this remote along with your Sony camcorder whilst on surveillance tasks makes life ten times easier and your footage ten times smoother all round. As you’re using a remote there will be no shakiness when you hit record compared to hand held users. As it is a wired remote it is instantaneous recording every time with no lag compared to Wi-Fi use.

If you are using other mounts this remote along with other accessories enables you to record on the move and know your recording status with its bright light. A feature not seen on most other current Sony Multi-Port remotes.


  • Compatible With All Sony Multi Port Cameras including FDR-AX53 and A7SII
  • Recording Light
  • 1 Meter Cable Length
  • ON/OFF Button
  • Removable Clip – Perfect for attaching to seatbelts
  • Removable Cable
  • Grid Line Button
  • Doesn’t Require Any Batteries – Powered via your camera system


  • 1x SR-F2 Remote
  • 1x Multi Port Cable
  • 1x REMOTE Terminal Cable
  • 1x Removable Clip
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