RM-VS1 Remote Control for Sony Cameras

A fantastic tool to help steady your footage and give you a hands-free experience.

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The Fotga RM-VS1 remote control allows you to operate the features of your camera or camcorder without touching the equipment enabling you stable imagery without handling the camera which could result in blurred or wobbly footage.

It is the ideal remote control for Sony cameras and camcorders featuring the Sony Multi Port plug, and offers a range of features, including shutter lock and release, B door, pause, half-press focus, and zoom in and out.

Quick and easy to install and use, making ideal for professionals and amateurs to capture still photography as well as moving video.

Widely used and trusted by the professional surveillance operatives here at Delta 74, one of the most useful features is the remote on/off button, meaning you don’t have to touch your camera if it is mounted in your vehicle.


  • 100cm cable length lets you get distance between you and your camera
  • Supports Sony cameras via their Multi port plug
  • Allows you to record, use the shutter and use the zoom
  • Ensures stable imagery every time as you wont need to handle the camera to use the functions for recording


  • 1x Fotga RM-VS1 Remote Control
  • 1x Velcro Strap
  • 1x Instruction Manual
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