BT10i Bluetooth Speaker Camera

A cleverly designed covert camera hidden with a working Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to record video and audio in plain view, without raising suspicion.



The LawMate BT10i recorder has been cleverly integrated within a working Bluetooth speaker, to allow you to record video and audio covertly but in plain view.

It uses Wi-Fi and IP connectivity allowing you to connect the device to your smartphone via an app, or your computer, so you can live stream audio and video  from anywhere.

It can be powered by the mains or rely on it’s rechargeable battery power (up to 180 minutes of recordings), and stores recordings locally on an SD card that can be accessed and downloaded remotely. The device is provided with a 16gb SD card, but supports up 32gb.

The footage is recorded in 1080p high definition (resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels)., and can be watermarked and time stamped.


  • 1080p HD, 720p and VGA video recording
  • 1/ 2.9” inch progressive CMOS sensor
  • 0.1 Lux @ F2.0
  • Field of view –  78 degrees
  • 2mp photo capability
  • Approx 180 minutes or recording with fully charged battery
  • Can be used with a mains power adapter
  • Overwrite function
  • Watermarked and time stamped footage
  • 16gb Micro SD card included
  • Supports up to 32gb Micro SD card
  • H.264 .AVI Files

Wi-Fi Application features:

  • Live view (Wi-Fi P2P)
  • Remote live view (IP)
  • Ability to switch between standard or motion detection recording
  • Start/stop recording
  • Set the time & date / synchronise with your iPhone time
  • 1080p/720p/WVGA switch
  • 30 frames per second & 60 frames per second option (not 1080p)
  • Card formatting function


  • BT10i Speaker DVR
  • USB connection cable
  • 16gb Micro SD card
  • User manuals
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