PV-CHG20i Phone Charging Covert Camera System – Apple

The LawMate (iOS) camera system is a functioning desktop smartphone charger, providing covert surveillance and high quality video and audio recordings.



The LawMate (iOS) camera system has been subtly integrated within a a desktop smartphone charger.

Hidden inside the unit, the high definition (1080p) discreet camera system offers both Wi-Fi and IP connectivity and allows you to live stream the recordings through the accompanying smartphone app. You can also operate the device and access the stored recordings remotely to view and download recordings.

The device itself also works as an actual smartphone charger, and is powered by the mains so you can be sure it will never run out of battery power when you need it most!

Video recordings can be done in either WVGA, 1080p or 720p, and can be stored locally on a micro SD card up to 32gb. the device is easy to set up and install, using the app and can be left in place to discreetly record whenever you need it making it the perfect solution long term surveillance.


•    High definition 1080p video
•    Remote access for viewing and downloading video
•    Wi-Fi app supported by Android and iOS
•    Jpeg format photos (1600 x 12001944)
•    Watermarked and time stamped
•    Mains Powered
•    Capacity for a 32gb micro SD card
•    H.264 .MOV files
•    71mm x 69mm x 50mm


•    1 x PV-CHG20i (iOS) camera
•    1 x 8gb SD card
•    1 x USB connection cable
•    1 x Mains adaptor lead
•    1 x Instruction guide

iPhone not included (or needed)

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