PV-CHG20i Phone Charging Covert Camera System – Android

The LawMate (droid) camera is disguised within a working smartphone desktop charger. and offers high quality recordings, remote access and a completely covert system.



The LawMate (droid) camera system has been cleverly designed to mimic the appearance of a desktop smartphone charger.

Integrated within the unit is a a high definition 1080p covert camera system, featuring Wi-Fi and IP connectivity. You can live stream the footage via the accompanying app, and even access the stored recordings remotely to view and download the files.

Powered by the mains with no battery component, this device will never run out of power and, additionally, it actually functions as a working smartphone charger.

Video can be recorded at WVGA, 1080p or 720p and supports a micro SD card for local storage of up to 32gb. once installed the camera is easy to set up and operate via the app and requires little to no maintenance to operate so it can be left in place and switched on when needed. Ideal for long tern surveillance operations.


•    High definition 1080p video recordings
•    Remote access and control to view/download footage
•    Wi-Fi app for Android and iOS users
•    Jpeg photo file format (1600 x 12001944)
•    Watermarked and time stamped
•    Mains powered
•    Capacity to use up to a 32gb SD card
•    H.264 .MOV files
•    71mm x 69mm x50mm


  • 1 x PV-CHG20i (droid) camera
  • 1 x 8gb SD card
  • 1 x USB connection cable
  • 1 x Mains adaptor lead
  • 1 x Instruction guide
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