Power Plug Covert Camera System PV-AC20i

High quality, discreet LawMate Camera System designed to look like a regular mains adapter, with integrated Wi-Fi, remote access and HD video and audio recordings



This LawMate Camera System is discreetly disguised a regular everyday mains adapter.

Enabled with Wi-FI, and powered by the mains, there is no battery to recharge and can simply be left plugged in to covertly record high definition video and audio. It can be simply operated with a one-touch button on the device itself, or remotely via the connected app.

The recorder and AGC microphone are integrated into the mains adaptor; and the covert camera is hidden in the front of the adaptor, making it easy to install in any environment to offer a good view of the room.

The camera comes ready to use with a 16gb SD card, providing approximately 8 hours of continued HD recordings. This time can be extended by reducing the resolution or using the motion detection feature, or you can choose to use a higher capacity SD card (up to 32gb)

Viewing of the recordings on your computer can be done via a USB, or the SD card, or you can use the Wi-Fi connection to view and download remotely.

Supplied with international adaptors for UK, US, EU and Australia so the camera can be used internationally if required.


  • DVR integrated within the power adaptor
  • VGA, 1080p or 720p video recordings
  • Watermarked and time-stamped recordings
  • Motion detection features
  • Remote access control to view and download via a smartphone app
  • Discreet manual controls
  • Easy set-up with the Wi-Fi app
  • Powered by the mains
  • Included 16gb SD card
  • Up to 32gb SD card accepted
  • H.264 or .MOV files


  • 1 x PV-AC20uni Charger (DVR)
  • 4 x Plug options (UK/US/EU/Australia)
  • 1 x USB Cable (data)
  • 1 x 16gb SD Memory Card
  • 1 x Instruction guide
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