How much does a private investigator cost?

Usually the first question after deciding to make the call to a private investigator and nearly always the biggest factor around what service you are looking to employ is “how much does a private investigator cost?”.

Now, we will work with you to determine what services we deem to be sufficient for your personal situation and in each case provide a bespoke package price always ensuring we never spend more money than needed.

Where possible we will try to work within the budget you provide us. We pride ourselves on delivering the best quality results so please bear in mind that our costs will be reflective of this.

Costs will cover things such as a minimum team of two who use the latest in surveillance technology for surveillance deployments and the very best in technical devices for cases where a hidden camera is used for example.

private investigator cost

For surveillance services our prices start at £450.00 where you will have two surveillance specialists deployed for 5 hours which is the minimum time for a surveillance period.

Other services we provide include vehicle trackers which we fit and retrieve covertly and overtly on the vehicle of your choosing.

This service is subject to strict boundaries and is not available without meeting our criteria

Prices for vehicle tracking begin at £250.00 and we will guide you through how to monitor the tracker live through an app on your smart phone.

If you would like to discuss our private investigator costs, please call us on 0800 774 7241 for a free no obligation quote where we can discuss your situation and guide you in the best possible way.