LawMate PV-AR300 Audio Recorder

A simple and discreet audio recorder, designed to look exactly like a car key!



The LawMate AR300 Audio Recorder has been produced to look exactly like a car key. It is extremely discreet and can be used to record audio without the subject ever knowing they were under surveillance.

It can be simply and covertly operated with the touch of one button and allows up to 7 hours of continuous recording.

It features an integrated battery that can be recharged and 4gb of memory. The audio files can be quickly and easily downloaded to a computer using a simple USB cable, or can be used with headphones to instantly listen to your recorded audio.




Completely covert car key design

Instant and easy playback function

LED light to signal the status of the device

Up to 7 hours of continuous recording

highly compatible MP3 file format


  • 1 x AR300 audio recorder
  • 1 x Stereo headphones
  • 1 x USB Cable (data transfer / charge)
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