D3000 Vehicle Tracker

The exclusive D3000 vehicle tracker is small and boasts an incredible 3000 mAh allowing over 14 days battery life at 5 minute reporting. This has been tested and proven by the Delta 74 team with multiple deployments of this device.



Our exclusive D3000 vehicle tracker is not sold anywhere else on the market and is built to order here in the UK.

Designed and built for the need to utilise small spaces on newer vehicles where metal is ever decreasing this device can be placed in spaces under a vehicle where larger devices cannot due to their cumbersome size.

This unit is perfect for all trade customers and is super easy to use for private customers as well.

The device is built in an all enclosed sheath that provides waterproof and dust proof protection to inner work components which is perfect for modern day vehicle trackers.

The D3000 comes with a magnetic charging mat (Type C) to ensure that there is never any need to break the seal of the sheath.

*Tracking subscription not included, please purchase separately.



  • L –
  • W –
  • H –

Weight of the device is


1x D3000 Vehicle Tracker

1x Charging Mat

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