Private Investigators – The Good Guys

I make no secret that private investigators in the United Kingdom are not regulated. This means that the rules and laws are grey in certain aspects of the investigation cycle such as vehicle tracking. On the other hand, aspects such as process serving is very matter of fact and safe.

With that said, no regulations allow not so honest people to become private investigators very easily, leaving consumers at risk of falling victim to con-men. 

Delta 74 Private Investigations is a reputable investigations agency operating nationwide. However, when it comes to finding the right investigations agency to meet your specific needs, it’s always good to have options and controversially, what I have done in this blog is listed The Good Guys in various areas of the United Kingdom. The list isn’t in numerical order and the bottom listed name is as good as the top listed name so please read them all!


The team at Surelock have been in the industry for years! Ron Harrison and his team are experts in investigations and are very active in the Brand Protection space. This is where brands look to protect their property from being copied and sold and a great example of that includes clothing brands.

M R Investigations

Running a similar model to Delta 74 Private Investigations, Melvyn Rattenbury who covers the West Midlands from Coventry, focuses on surveillance and process serving. Melvyn is an industry expert around all aspects of physical surveillance and has the experience to back it all up. He is a great example of success for not needing a military or police background as well which is often thought of as a pre-requisite.


AB Investigations

Born after a career in the Royal Marines, AB Investigations based in Leeds works mostly doing covert surveillance and are specialists in covert cameras and their deployments. Skills learnt and honed working on very high value investigations all over the world where all methods of surveillance were utilised to successfully achieve the aims set out by their clients.  

National Private Investigators

The only agency in this list based out of London is Jack Charman and his team at National Private Investigators who cover the whole range of services provided by private investigators. Again, this agency focuses on surveillance services and is a member of the Association of British Investigators with an aim of cleaning up the investigations industry from unscrupulous agencies. Jack is ex-army and brings in his wealth of knowledge from his career there.

Trojan Investigations

Last on the list of trusted experts around the UK is Trojan Investigations who are based in the North Wales covering North Wales, the North West and the UK as a whole. Anthony who runs Trojan Investigations is an ex-police officer specialised in covert operations with North Wales Police now combines his experience from the police and 3 years in the private sector together in order to provide expert surveillance and investigation services to his clients.

The list above is a snapshot of the good guys that work as private investigators across the UK.

If you need a private investigator and want to shop around a bit more, I recommend that you read our other blog describing exactly how to spot a reputable private investigator.

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