What is a Matrimonial Investigation?

Matrimonial investigations are carried out to determine whether or not a spouse is being deceptive or dishonest about their whereabouts, who they’re seeing and even what their financial status is like. But what, exactly, is a matrimonial investigation, why would someone need to have one conducted and who can do it for you? Delta 74 Private Investigators are here to help.

What is a matrimonial investigation?

A matrimonial investigation is an investigation carried out by a team of qualified professionals in the field. It’s used to retrieve evidence that a spouse is being deceptive or dishonest about their whereabouts, their financial status and even whether or not they’re leading double lives.

Usually, a matrimonial investigation is carried out on behalf of a spouse who is suspicious of their wife or husband. Either they believe they’re cheating or they’re getting ready to file for a divorce but wish to know every detail before they go through with anything. Essentially, a professional private investigator is deployed to find out the truth about a suspected spouse and pass that information on to the other party.

Matrimonial investigations here at Delta 74 Private Investigators are carried out meticulously and carefully. We understand that it’s a delicate, difficult time for those who are asking for these investigations to be conducted and so we pride ourselves on being able to handle the situation as discreetly as possible, whilst still providing you with the information you require.

Matrimonial Investigations

Why would you need a matrimonial investigation to be carried out?

There are several reasons as to why a spouse would need to have a matrimonial investigation carried out by a team of professionals, such as us here at Delta 74 Private Investigations. This is because, if your husband or wife is cheating, there’ll usually be some signs that’ll confirm your suspicions. The reasons why you might wish to have a matrimonial investigation conducted are as follows:
  • It will confirm or rule out whether or not your spouse is being unfaithful
  • If you’re approaching divorce, you might wish to stay one step ahead of your spouse, such as whether they’re planning to hurt you financially
  • It will make you aware of something your spouse might be hiding from you, like having a child or a double life, for example
  • It will confirm their whereabouts if you believe they’re being deliberately deceptive about where they go or what they do, such as whether or not they’re really working extra hours, for example
If you believe that your spouse is cheating, there are several signs that might make you suspicious, but there’s only one way in which you’ll definitely know if they’re being unfaithful to you or not – having a matrimonial investigation carried out. So what are the signs of a cheating spouse?
  • Their phone is always off or they cannot be contacted for most of the day
  • They’re out socialising with friends who you likely haven’t met or are aware of
  • They’re going to the gym more often, wanting to improve their looks for someone they’re interested in
  • They’re in the habit of having a shower as soon as they get home
  • They work away more often than they used to, out of the blue
  • They stay behind later at work far more often than they used to, if at all
  • Their mobile phone is never left unattended, even whilst having a shower or going to the toilet
  • If their phone is in your view, it’s always on silent and/or placed face down on a surface
  • They’re losing interest in you generally
  • They’ve changed passwords on social media sites
  • They’re hiding their mobile phone and other communication devices
  • They’re always deleting their internet history
  • They have secondary communication devices that they’ve taken steps to hide from you, but you’ve found anyway
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Who can conduct a matrimonial investigation?

Delta 74 Private Investigators are highly-experienced, fully-trained professionals in the industry. We’re able to conduct matrimonial investigations to an exceptional standard so as to eliminate any doubt you might have about the situation. Regardless of the outcome, we’re aware of how challenging this time is and so you’ll always be able to rely on us to carry out our matrimonial investigations in Derby with the utmost care and respect.

No two matrimonial investigations are going to be the same. The individuals who contact us do so for several different reasons and have very different worries and suspicions about their spouses. As such, we tailor our skills and expertise to meet your requirements, ensuring you’re given a clear answer about what your spouse does, who they’re with and where they go. We’re even able to carry out background checks on your behalf for added peace of mind.

If you wish to go ahead with a matrimonial investigation, you should be aware that there are usually three different aspects to a matrimonial investigation that are designed to ensure as much accurate, undeniable information is gathered about your spouse as possible, these include:

Vehicle tracking – discrete and compact, we can track where your spouse goes during every hour of the day and night with a specifically-designed device. When it comes to vehicle tracking, you’ll also have access to the online tracker via an app, available on your smart devices and/or computer. We’ll be able to show you how this works and what to do.

Surveillancecovert surveillance is an effective way of determining what someone does and where they go, with video and photographic evidence included. You can opt to receive updates during the surveillance period. With our surveillance services, you’ll know exactly that happened in the context it happened, so as to avoid any confusion.

Background checks – you no longer have to worry about your spouse’s past. Our detailed background checks will reveal a wide range of information, including whether or not they’ve been to prison, have been married before and even their financial security; which is ideal if you’re planning to buy a house or get married in the future.

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Delta 74 Private Investigators are able to carry out matrimonial investigations that are tailored specifically to your needs and requirements. We pride ourselves on providing a discrete service that can give our clients the answers they’ve been searching for. If you’d like more information about our matrimonial investigations or to learn more about our private surveillance service, lie detector testing and even bug sweep services, to name a few, then get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable team today – we’re always happy to help.
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