What is a Cohabitation Investigation?

You might have heard of a cohabitation investigation, but not know, or understand, what it means or what’s involved. You might also be seeking out the services of a private investigator but aren’t sure about which service you actually need. With that being said, let’s discuss cohabitation investigations, including what cohabitation actually means, what the investigation involves and how the private investigators are able to collect that information. 

What is cohabitation?

A cohabitation investigation is something that’s carried out by a trained private investigator. They’re requested by spouses or partners who suspect that their significant other is living with, and cheating on them with, someone else. It might be that the person requesting the investigation is still married to their partner or they could be ex-spouses and they’re looking to make sure that they’re receiving the right spousal or child support.

It could also decide which party receives custody of any children, whether it be sole or shared custody. All evidence is gathered in line with the law and so it can all be submitted as evidence in Court, if or when it comes to that. There are several ways in which a private investigator can prove cohabitation, but we’ll get onto that shortly. Once the investigation has concluded, a cohabitation report will be provided.

What is a cohabitation report?

A cohabitation report will contain a wide range of solid pieces of evidence that can be used in Court. As well as a detailed outline of the results of the investigation, there could also be video recordings, voice recordings and photographs included within it. This often depends on the methods used by the private investigator and whether or not there’s actually any activity going on that corroborates the suspicions of the person who wants the investigation to be carried out. Usually, a cohabitation report is written, completed and handed over within three weeks following the conclusion of the investigation. These reports can be submitted as evidence to the Courts, as and when needed.

How can a private investigator prove cohabitation?

A private investigator will use a wide range of different techniques and methods to gather evidence of cohabitation. Usually, surveillance is the most effective way of either confirming or denying the suspicions of the person who wants the investigation to be carried out in the first place. However, there are a few other ways in which a private investigator can prove, or disprove, cohabitation, drawing on their expert skills and experience, including, but not limited to, the following:


Surveillance is usually something that is carried out and concluded within two or three weeks. A private investigator is looking for routines and patterns of behaviour to be able to prove cohabitation. Therefore, video evidence of a spouse (or ex spouse) leaving their home, driving to another address, going into the property and staying there overnight (whether it be one night or many), can be used as evidence of cohabitation.

In terms of routine, it could be that a spouse is videoed taking the bins out, collecting post, washing the car or doing the gardening – anything that suggests they are actually living at the address and, subsequently, cohabiting with another person.

In terms of verifying a sexual relationship, a spouse could be seen leaving for work in the morning and giving someone at the door a kiss or being intimate in other ways. A private investigator could either video such displays of affection or take photographs. Surveillance could also include vehicle tracking.

Public records

Public records and even criminal records could reveal things about a partner or spouse. This could even come down to the address they’ve given the doctor’s surgery, the dentist or even at the gym or the library. Are they receiving post at their suspected new address? This is all something that a private investigator will be able to look into in a way to add to surveillance evidence.

Social media

Social media presents a lot of information about a person, more so than someone might have otherwise thought. But sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and even Twitter feeds can reveal a wide range of information, including where people live. A simple photo on Facebook or a flippant remark on Twitter could confirm or deny whether or not they’re living at another address or living a double life. The internet is a valuable resource for private investigators in this digital age, as it can all be combined with other skilled methods of gathering evidence covertly.

Background checks

Background checks can be carried out on, almost, anyone. Whether it be a commercial or domestic client, Delta 74 Private Investigations can carry out background checks, along with other meticulous investigation techniques. But background checks can unveil a variety of things about a person that might not have otherwise been known.
Delta 74 Private Investigations are proud to offer an impressive range of private investigation services, including cohabitation investigations, in order to give you the answers you need. We understand that these situations can be incredibly sensitive and so we always deal with such cases with the utmost respect and dignity. If you would like further information about how we can help you today, get in touch with a member of our professional team – we’re proud to serve customers throughout Derbyshire and the surrounding areas.
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