What Does It Feel Like to Hire a Private Investigator?

When we receive calls from prospective clients and hear out their situation, in the middle of it all our prospective clients emphasise a whole host of feelings from the good feelings of taking action to the negative feelings they are acting in a bad way. That has led me to write this blog; what does it feel like to hire a private investigator, to let you know you are not alone in your feelings! 

How the feelings start

As soon as you start searching for a Private Investigator your emotions will be out of sync as it is not a normal thing to need. 

This is completely normal, you will likely feel hesitant if it is a personal matter for say, a cheating partner case or that you will be acting unethically if it is an employee dispute where you need evidence collecting. Whatever your situation is, your feelings have been felt by our previous clients and we can guide you through them. 


This one we don’t see directly but our previous clients have expressed they have delayed getting in touch for months and even years! 

Getting in touch does NOT mean you have to buy anything or hire us at all. We receive calls about situations we can’t help with on a daily basis, however, we can in most cases point you in the right direction and explain who would be better suited to help you. 

If you need assistance, please feel free to contact us and let us hear you out and advise you of the best steps. 

What Does It Feel Like to Hire a Private Investigator


This is one of the main emotions felt, especially in cheating partner cases as many clients feel they shouldn’t be reaching out to us. I fully believe this to be due to the media portrayal of clients who use private investigator services and the stigma attached to our industry as a whole. 

This is always lost after the first call and our clients hear exactly what services we can provide and most importantly, how we provide them. 

Heard and Seen

During the initial stages of calling into us we will discuss your situation and hear out all the details. 

For a lot of clients this is the first time their worries and suspicions have been verbalised and spoken out loud. This is always a weight off our clients shoulders and helps us build the close relationship needed to work together to get the best results. 

As a result, after talking through their suspicions our clients feel heard and seen and that they are not ‘acting and thinking crazy’ especially if they have been gaslit by their partner. 

Morally Wrong

This is the most common feeling we hear from our clients as a lot express that calling us feels like they are doing something wrong, unethical if you would like to label it. 

This is not the case at all. 

Your initial call is not you agreeing on the spot to hire us, normally we discuss your needs and how we can help. From there we then ask you to sleep on it! We don’t use any hard fast sales tactics so you won’t be rushed into any decisions. 

With the morals around the hiring of private investigators, we only investigate people who are themselves doing something they are not meant to be whether that is stealing from their employer or cheating on their partner. We follow strict rules and if the objectives you set us don’t match the proportionality  criteria then we cannot go ahead. If you want to read more then head to our previous blog which talks about the ethics here.


Whilst the investigation is ongoing, worrying is very common, mainly due to the concern about getting caught whilst we carry out our work. Worrying is completely normal and if you weren’t worrying we would be wondering why! Our team will help and guide you through the panic and we have seen it all before. 

We will do everything including postponing our work to avoid getting caught. We can always try tomorrow if there is a risk not worth taking today. If we are caught that option is finished. 

Delta 74 Private Investigations will never take unnecessary risks just to secure the job. 


This is the feeling we want to deliver to every client no matter the situation or outcome. 

The whole point of hiring a private investigator is to get answers and evidence you need so at the end of it the main feeling our clients feel is relief. 

Even if it is a cheating partner case and we find no signs of an affair, our clients feel relieved to know the truth along with the fact it will be completely confidential and their searches will not be found out preserving their relationship. 

Finishing up

To round up the June blog I have looked to discuss something not often spoke around which is what does it feel like to hire a Private Investigator? Feelings can’t be measured and we have no statistics however every call we receive our clients express a lot of the emotions above so I wanted to explain that you are not alone and we can help you through your emotions as well as the actual job! 

As always, thanks for reading! Dan 


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