Top 5 Spy Gadgets for 2024

I did a blog a few years ago talking about the 5 most essential pieces of detective equipment and so thought I would bring that back with the actual products that are the top 5 spy gadgets for 2024.

Working in the surveillance game as private investigators we handle the best commercial equipment available and being a gear geek, I’m tuned into some of the stuff coming out of the military and police world used today.

Sony AX-53 Handycam

This video camera is now 8 years old being first released in 2016 however it is still the go-to camcorder for private surveillance companies in the UK and the world. Why? Let me explain easily and quickly;

  • Superior image quality for the price – it boasts 4k and next model up costs hundreds more
  • It has a view finder – great for night time recording for keeping light levels down
  • It is WIFI enabled – you can send images straight to your phone to then send straight onwards
  • Exchangeable battery – you can swap the battery if gets low meaning you can run it all day
  • It has a mini-HDMI port meaning you can run it to view live on tv screens or small monitors
  • It’s robust! These things can take it rough! Mine has survived being dropped in the car and on the floor! I did wince and pray every time mind…
Top 5 Spy Gadgets for 2024

Covert Cameras

These have been a staple for surveillance teams for years now. Covert cameras allow you to record in close and personal whether it be in a pub or a coffee shop whilst you’re recording HD video no one will be any the wiser! There are two current market leaders at the moment from Lawmate who have been the leading supplier for as long as I’ve been in the game. These are below and are both listed on the Delta 74 shop;

PV-PB30w power bank covert camera – Read a review from Melvyn who is another surveillance expert and industry legend!

PV-900 EVO3 smart phone covert camera

IP Remote Viewable Covert Camera – 2 Options!

These things are GAME CHANGERS now. These cameras allow you to place the camera out and then view them via an app on your smart phone. Slowly the days of freezing or burning in your car outside a subject’s address are going!

These cameras come in all shapes and sizes now but no matter what, when you’re shopping you must make sure they are either IP enabled or 4G enabled so that you can view the camera live via an app on your smart phone. WIFI enabled won’t do it.

The one I buy and repurpose into different ways is the IP spy camera power bank which can be found here on Amazon. For the price it is incredible and easy to repurpose into other ways.

The upgrade and for professional use is the 4G trial camera found here with a UK stockist boasts far superior image quality but that for me is it in comparison. That said, the image quality is the product we provide to our clients at the end of the day!

Audio Recording Devices

Good surveillance teams can tell you what someone did but great surveillance teams can tell you what they are planning to do next! This comes with getting in close and recording conversations and these are currently the devices I use to do exactly that.

They do need to be close to the conversation but their size means it’s easy to hide them away and let them do their thing! Check out the tiny listening devices here!


The days of being in surveillance without a drone are gone. I, Dan at Delta 74 will not let someone be in my team if they don’t have a drone. The only exception to this is in London as they’re not flyable there.

Drones give such a tactical advantage to the surveillance team now that they must be ready to be deployed to get that evidence! Our current go-to is the DJI Mavic Mini series (mini 2, mini 3 or mini 4) as their weight means you don’t have to be fully qualified to fly them just insured and registered with a flyers ID and Operators ID through the Civil Aviation Authority where more can be seen here.

spy gadget drone 2024

Talking tech and the latest top 5 spy gadgets for 2024 is always a favourite of mine so if you have any suggestions I have missed please let me know and I shall add them in!

All of the equipment listed above is in my equipment arsenal and ready to go. One thing to always remember with the kit, you have to know how to use and trouble shoot the issues to make it work in the best way! Its always easy when things work so make sure you know how to trouble shoot when issues arise! 

Thanks for reading and I’ll catch up with you soon, Dan – Delta 74 Private Investigations Ltd Director

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