The Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

Hiring a private investigator may seem like something lawyers and big business owners do, or people in films, but in reality, lots of people turn to professional researchers and private investigators to help them uncover the information they need every day.

Here at Delta 74 Private Investigations we offer investigatory services to both private individuals, dealing with personal issues and commercial clients who need assistance with business matters. We can help with everything from suspected fraud cases and business espionage, to tracking and finding long lost friends and relatives.

Cheating Partners

The most common reason private clients contact us is to uncover the truth about a suspected cheating partner. For people who feel like their husband or wife is having an affair, but can’t prove it and can’t get their partner to admit it, they often call us as a last resort to find out the truth and get the crucial evidence they need.

Often people need us to prove their suspicions, so they can confront their partner or file for divorce. Or perhaps their partner has promised them the affair is over, but they’re struggling to trust them; in this case they might need us to prove that their partner is being faithful so they can move on.

Our team always approach relationship cases with the utmost respect; we understand that our clients have come to us as a last resort and that the information they’re seeking is vital to them. We work quickly using a number of discrete methods to get the evidence they need, for example:

Child Custody

As a parent, the safety and wellbeing of your child is your number one priority, so if you can’t be with your child 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it can often be very stressful and worrying. This is particularly true if you have a custody arrangement with your child’s other parent. If you don’t trust that your ex-partner is providing the care your child deserves, hiring a private investigator to collect evidence against them may be the best option before returning to court.

It’s sadly the case that many children in the UK are subject to child protection orders to keep them safe. If this is the case, the court may have ordered that the child has no contact with certain people, or only supervised visitations. If you suspect these rules are being broken, but can’t prove it, our team is on hand to help.

You should only ever hire professional private investigators when children are involved. The team at Delta 74 Private Investigations have robust safeguarding policies and will prioritise the safety of your child at all times, ensuring the investigation is as non-intrusive as possible.

If you believe your child is at risk, we will respond quickly to gather the evidence you need to protect your child.

Background Checks

Undertaking background checks is becoming more and more commonplace for private individuals. Pre-marriage checks, or a check before you buy a house with someone, can ensure the person you’re committing to, is who they say they are and doesn’t have any skeletons in the closet.

Perhaps, you met online and haven’t met many people from your partner’s past, or you may suspect they have an addiction that will place you at financial risk; our team can undertake checks into their personal and financial history to put your mind at rest.

Backgrounds checks are also commonly used in business, to vet potential business partners, employees or even clients. This level of diligence is sensible if you’re entrusting your business operations, assets or reputation to other people.

Trace a Debtor

Being owed a debt that you can’t recover, either personally or through a business dealing, can be incredibly frustrating and cause real stress. If the person who owes you money has disappeared, perhaps they’ve moved away or changed their name to avoid paying you, it may seem like you have no option but to let it go, but hiring a private investigator can help you track down the debtor and get your money back.

We’re often contacted by businesses who have outstanding invoices for goods or services. No matter the amount, being owed money can be detrimental to your business operations, and we understand that recovering the outstanding money could be the difference between success and liquidation.

We will work quickly and efficiently to track the debt and put you in a position to be able to recover the money owed.

Employee Checks

For many employers, employees are likely to be their biggest asset, but also their biggest risk. Some of the reasons Delta 74 Private Investigations are hired to check on employees include:

Fraudulent Sick Leave: The wage bill is often the biggest business expense, so if an employer has staff that are faking long term illness to claim a generous company sick pay, it can have a detrimental effect on business funds (especially if you have to pay sick pay and employ another member of staff to cover the work).

Employee Theft: Businesses often expect some stock to disappear, perhaps it gets lost, damaged or stolen. But if stock or equipment levels are decreasing in an unusual way, it may be that staff are helping themselves to valuable business assets. Our team can monitor employees, both at work and out of work, to find out where you stock or equipment is going.

Business Espionage: Intellectual property is protected by law, so if a business owner suspects their trade secrets are being sold to third parties, or even to the media, a private investigator can track the data and find out exactly how the information is being acquired by your competitors.

Delta 74 Private Investigations

The team at Delta 74 are expert private investigators. A lot of our team have been trained in the military or police and have that wealth of experience and knowledge under their belts. We use the latest technology, alongside traditional, digital and innovative investigation methods to uncover the truth as quickly as possibly.

Contact us today to discuss your case. We’re trusted members of the UK Professional Investigators Network and of the British Association of Investigators (F2081), so you can trust us to work diligently, respectfully and professionally at all times. Call us today on 0800 774 7241 to find out more.

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