The Six Most Common Locations Affairs Take Place

With the recent news of ex Health Secretary Matt Hancock having a very public affair caught on camera and leaked to the media this month’s blog will discuss the locations affairs take place and where cheating partners use to carry out their affair.

We have captured cheating partners at each one of these locations and on more than one case too! Some are very unobservant and care free about their affair and don’t try to hide it whereas some people use very basic movie like anti-surveillance drills to try to beat us. It doesn’t work believe me.

Car Parks

Coming in as the most used location affairs take place are car parks. We have recorded far too many affairs that occur in car parks even during broad day light. Their convenience and the fact that usually they are free to use means they are a firm favourite at the moment for infidelity to occur. Car parks can easily be passed off as innocent meeting places even if a vehicle tracker is used.

Car parks are a perfect location for us to capture the damning evidence however as we can freely access them and use lots of cover to get the money shot.


The most cliché of the list but if you were to sit and work in a hotel lobby or reception area on any day of the week during the lunch time hours you would very likely see an affair happen right in front of you.

Hotel rooms are much more discreet but they come with the cost of paying for a room. Also, this leaves a paper trial on bank statements which means it’s not always the firm favourite.

At Home

The most immoral of the locations I am discussing in this blog is the home address. Carrying out an affair at home often leads to the worst type of break up as you can imagine. However, carrying out an affair at home is free and sometimes that is the biggest appeal for people.

At Work

This location is usually a difficult one for the private investigator to cover legally as access will be restricted. Whilst most workplace affairs might start here they aren’t solely carried out at this location and spill over to other places.

Scenic and Wooded Areas

This includes nature parks, trail and cycling routes as well as places such as Elvaston Castle in Derby. A much more risqué place for sexual activity to occur but for some this adds to the thrill of cheating. Again, these places are often free and usually have lots of opportunity for privacy if you are willing to go off the beaten track. Of course, for us this adds to the amount of cover we can use especially in rural environments.

On Holidays

A planned holiday away with friends can sometimes be more sinister and purely be a trip away for cheating partners to carry out their affair without the need to hide from their friends or just people in their network who know their spouse.

We Can Help

Every single one of the locations listed we have recorded an affair taking place. Every place listed the cheating partners did their best to avoid being followed and tracked but we are professionals and work to the best standards.

If you feel something is going on and can not get the information, feel free to reach out and speak to us today.

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