The Importance of Background Checks

In order for businesses to mitigate the potential risks that come with hiring brand new employees, it’s important that enough emphasis is placed on conducting background checks. Background checks for employment are crucial to ensure that you’re hiring the right person for the job. But what exactly are background checks and why are they so important?

What are background checks?

Company background checks involve looking further into an applicant’s employment history, checking whether or not they have a criminal record and delving into their educational past. It’s not uncommon for prospective employees to be deceptive about the amount of experience they have or the qualifications they hold, for example. Therefore, it’s always beneficial to conduct workplace background checks in order to be sure that you’re employing someone you can trust to do the job at hand.

Why are background checks important?

Here are a number of different reasons why conducting background checks are important for your company. From avoiding liability charges to ensuring a safe place to work, background checks for employment are paramount to the smooth-running of business operations.

Background checks highlight any criminal history

This is one of the main reasons why businesses will opt to have background checks conducted on their job applicants. Having the knowledge and understanding of someone’s criminal history will enable the employer to make a sound, solid decision about who to hire and for which role, specifically.

Sometimes, a workplace background check that digs up criminal charges will only highlight that minor crimes have been committed, but there might be some instances where these charges are slightly more alarming. This then allows businesses to make the ultimate decision about whether or not to employ the applicant.

Workplace background checks helps to avoid liability

Having the knowledge and understanding of the information that comes back after conducting background checks will help you to avoid sticky situations, such as court summons or liability cases. An example of this would be if you hired a chauffeur for your limousine business and that person was involved in an accident. Naturally, the police would be called and they’d check to see whether the driver had any previous history regarding traffic collisions.

If the police find that the cause of the accident was because the chauffeur was drinking and driving and that they have a history of it, then liability could fall to you, as the employer, because they’d have committed a crime on the job. It was your responsibility to check the reliability of your employee.

If you’d have had a background check conducted, it would have pulled this information out before you hired the person and so they’d have never been employed to do the job of a chauffeur and the accident wouldn’t have occurred – this is just one situation that emphasises the importance of background checks.

Background checks for employment ensures a safe workplace

By understanding who it is you’re looking to employ, you’re maintaining a safe and secure workplace for all of your employees. Not only will company background checks ensure that you aren’t hiring someone with a violent criminal history, they’ll also make sure that you’re hiring someone who has the right training and qualifications to carry out the job in a safe and responsible manner.

Conducting background checks improves employer competence

Verifying all claims made by the applicant is important for the future of your business. Obviously, you’ll want to make sure that your company continues to thrive and in order for this to happen, you must ensure that you have a team of skilled, competent specialists at the helm.

Screening process can be difficult and the information gathered might take a while to come back, but these lengthy processes will make sure that you’re doing what’s right for your company and your existing employees, all when you implement background checks for employment.

Background checks give you peace of mind

Company background checks are imperative when you’re looking to hire someone new. They’ll ensure that you’re only employing the very best candidates, all with the skills, qualifications and experience they claim to have had in the first place and so conducting background checks will give you absolute peace of mind throughout your hiring process.

How to do a background check

Background checks are often best left to the professionals to carry them out for you. As such, you’ll always be able to look to Delta 74 Private Investigators, located in Derby. We can always be counted upon to carry out the background checks you need to ensure you’re employing the best person for the job.

Our team of experienced private investigators in Derby are highly-skilled and fully-trained, enabling them to be as thorough and as meticulous as possible when conducting background checks on potential employees. This ensures you’re given an informative, comprehensive report after the checks are complete.

As well as commercial background checks, undertaking due diligence checks on prospective workers, clients and even business partners, we’re also able to conduct personal background checks on your behalf. No matter what it is you need, our background checks service in Derby can always be trusted to cover all bases.

If you would like more information about the background checks we’re able to conduct in Derby and throughout the surrounding areas, get in touch with a member of our specialist team today – we’re always on hand to help.
Background Checks
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