The Honey Trap

A popular new trend on TikTok lately is the loyalty test which is a very basic way of using the Honey Trap method to prove one side of the relationships loyalty. Not the healthiest of things to test a relationship but it makes for dramatic viewing. 

Honey trapping though is becoming a more and more common service that is being utilised by lots of different industries now such as lawyers, social media influencers, spies and private investigators. 

What is a honey trap?

One of the oldest techniques used for gaining information is the use of sex and intimacy. Sometimes even just being kind and acting as a friend can get what the honey trapper wants out of their victim. 

A Honey Trap is where one person lures in another with intimacy to; get information, prove loyalty, benefit financially or to sell a kiss and tell story. 

The most common place a honey trap is demonstrated is in James Bond movies. Often Bond and his adversaries use sex as a tool. A used phrase from Tomorrow Never Dies with Pierce Brosnan was pump her for information. 

Honey Trap

The Ways a Honey Trap Works

A Honey Trap now is a very common thing in society especially in use for scammers. One recent such example is Simon Liviev from the now famous Netflix show The Tinder Swindler. 

The most common honey trap tactics are;

  • Face to face – a woman approaches a man in a bar and seduces him with sex for information or money
  • Messaging via social media – a huge one now is on Instagram. Attractive women are being paid to initiate conversations with taken men to see how far they can take the conversation 
  • Making Contact Via a Known Dating Site – if one side of the relationship is using a dating site it is the perfect ice breaker as they are already in the shop so to speak
  • Approach Whilst At Work – one of the most common places an affair can start is at work. Sometimes it is the the only place to catch some people

Honey Trapping, Is It Legal?

Honey Traps are completely legal within the UK.

Quite a few private investigation agencies offer it as a service. Delta 74 Private Investigations do not. 

Even police Forces have been permitted to use the technique in various ways apart from the normal sex route. One such instance saw the police set up a pawn shop to entice people to sell identity documents such as passports and driving licences. This was in order for them to be copied as fakes ready to be sold on, however the sellers, who mostly included 18-22 year olds, were just trying to make a quick buck and were not the large scale organised crime gangs the police targeted. 

Honey Trap - the scam

The easiest to describe example is the sugar daddy honey trap scam.

A younger lady seduces an older, usually wealthy man sometimes out of a marriage with the sole intention of cashing in on his fortune. Whether it be the long game getting onto a will or to secure a settlement in a divorce. 

Recently though however through the speed of the internet honey trapping scams are much quicker. Feelings are manipulated and time pressures are added. Money can be moved so quickly so if you are reading this for advice and are unsure, take a breath and call your bank to help verify if it could be a honey trap scam. 

When Honey Trapping Goes Wrong

The most common time a honey trap will go wrong is when the honey trapper themselves develops feelings for their victim. This happened in the past with one case. 

A distressed partner used the services of a professional female honey trapper who charged a whopping £200.00 to test if her man was willing to cheat following some red flags. He was more than willing. Turns out so was Miss Honey Trapper who ended up actually stealing her client’s man! This won’t have been the first case nor the last of its kind I’m sure! 

To finish, it is effective

As mentioned, honey trapping is not a service Delta 74 Private Investigations provide but if you are considering using it as a service it can be very effective to test loyalty in a partner. Albeit maybe not the most ethical in my opinion. 

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