The Bad Parts of Being a Private Investigator

I have to start this month’s blog by saying that I love my job and being a private investigator. Following a call I had earlier this week though I thought this would be the best topic for this month; what are the bad parts of being a private investigator.

The call I received was from a year 11 student who was wanting to know about the job and private investigations industry as a whole. One question he asked, what’s bad about the job? Clever young man thinking about that little detail!

If you have ever seriously looked into being a private investigator then read on to discover the bad parts of being a private investigator.

The Hours

Any decent private investigator will tell you the hours are long and unsociable. At least once a week I will have to set my alarm around 3:00am or 4:00am ready to start for a full day’s worth of surveillance. Every week also I’ll not get a full nights sleep at least one night as I will need to go out and deploy some form of technical surveillance equipment whether it be a vehicle tracker or covert camera. Personally, I don’t mind it but I have seen some people try to break into the industry and not enjoy the working hours.

Toilet Breaks

A simple issue but on surveillance operations you go where your subject of investigation goes and a lot of the time that means waiting for movement in the back of your car hidden away for hours.

Holding it in and concentrating properly is a nightmare! Now, peeing into a bottle in the back seat of your car is not glamorous at all. Especially if you happened to have an accident which a few of my colleagues have had happen! One colleague forgot to empty his bottle and the lid came loose whilst he was driving!

It Can Be Lonely

A topic not really discussed before but it can be one of the lonelier jobs around. Even when you work in teams as a general rule you will not associate together or be seen together so as not to blow your cover which means you will be sat alone in your own headspace. For more extrovert people who love the buzz of the office or a building site being alone all day can be a huge shock!

When it’s Hot, its HOT

It’s the same every summer when the temperatures get high into the 20’s and even 30’s, we private investigators cook in the back of our cars. It is truly hideous and so far, there is no way of keeping a car cool without the engine on and the air con blowing full blast.

Some private investigators have the hot days off and most work a way of doing the job differently but sometimes there really is no way round it and we have to suffer the heat to get the money shot.

The Lack of Routine

If you are thinking of making the leap to become a private investigator from a structured 9 to 5 type job role then the lack of routine will likely hit you hard. I find I work weekends but then Monday is usually a day where investigations are lacking for some reason. Much the same in that, domestic clients don’t typically need services during half term holidays for obvious reasons.

It took me and my family a long time to get used to the lack of routine and the very frequent last minute changes or cancellations that can often interfere with dinner plans or family time.

The Dangers are Real

It really can be a dangerous job at times. Sneaking around late at night in rough areas to deploy technical surveillance equipment leaves you exposed to other occupants of the night who can be very unforgiving. The job can also bring you enemies as you are often hitting people’s wallet’s or jeopardising their secrets which some people guard very heavily.

Thank you for reading

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The bad things about being a private investigator
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