Private Investigator Loughborough

As we are based in one of the neighbouring towns in the North West of Leicestershire, Delta 74 Private Investigations are in a very suitable location to provide our full range of private investigator Loughborough services.

One of our greatest assets with working in and around Loughborough is the local knowledge our staff possess as we are so close by. This is invaluable when we conduct any surveillance operations whether that be to help gain evidence on a cheating partner or we receive a last minute phone call to deploy a vehicle tracker.

Hire a Loughborough private investigator to get that real local business efficiency and service.

private investigator loughborough

Hire a private investigator Loughborough

We have carried out a range of investigations in Loughborough since Delta 74 Private Investigations was set up in 2017.

One of our first tasks carried out was in relation to a child’s protection case where we were asked to gain impartial evidence on the care a child was receiving. What we provided showed a positive outcome for the child as it was deemed the child was in a suitable and safe environment.

Employing us in a surveillance role will always give you a fly on the wall view of what is happening, showing a true and uninterrupted representation of how people are behaving within your circumstances.

Exact postcodes we cover within Loughborough are; LE11, LE12, LE6, LE67.

Being so close we are able to come out and meet you face to face giving you that reassurance and personal element so we can really understand your needs.

All about Loughborough

Whilst it is a small town, Loughborough boasts a very impressive culture for sport with the Loughborough University leading the way. The university is one of main things the town is know for as well as the night life it has during the weekends and of course the week for student nights.

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