Private Investigator Loughborough

Private Investigator Loughborough

Delta 74 Private Investigators operate throughout Loughborough and the surrounding areas. Based in the North West of Leicestershire, Delta 74 Private Investigations can be contacted discreetly and easily, and have a wealth of knowledge of the Loughborough area, allowing us to provide our full range of private investigator services to businesses and individuals in and around services.

Loughborough Investigators

One of the greatest benefits of Delta 74 is that our staff have in-depth local knowledge that they can exploit to obtain the best results for our clients. Having us close by when you require evidence of a cheating partner, or we receive a last minute phone call to deploy a vehicle tracker means that you can rely on our fast and professional response.

Business And Commercial Investigations

We work with many local Loughborough businesses, using professional, discreet and approved methods to conduct an array of commercial investigations, to secure and protect insider knowledge, business assets and reputation.

Private And Family Investigations

We also offer a range of investigatory services to private individuals, assisting with relationship matters, family concerns and child safety. We undertake all cases with a professional level of sensitivity; we understand that cases such as these are often filled with emotion and can be very stressful so you can rely on our team to treat you with respect and care throughout your case.

Call us today for an initial conversation, and we assess your case and help you decide whether private investigation services are the best option for your personal situation.

Private Investigators Loughborough
Private Investigations in Loughborough
Bug Sweeping Services
Bug Sweeping - Listening Device

Bug Sweeping In Loughborough

Here at Delta 74 we provide bug sweeping services (technical counter-surveillance measures) to businesses, private individuals, and government bodies around the Loughborough area. We also provide services for private individuals who have that uneasy feeling that they are being watched or followed when out in their car, out walking or even in the privacy of their house. We perform a survey in order to determine if any surveillance is taking place, locating any eavesdropping or bugging devices in the places that you frequent or private residence.

Many of these electronic surveillance devices are cheap and easy to obtain and install by individuals, and so we have seen a significant increase in their use by people wanting to watch the family memes, acquaintances or colleagues. Following our survey, once we locate any devices which are hidden, we will let you know and discuss the best ways to remove them effectively and safely.

Business Investigators in Loughborough

One of the most common services we provide to our clients is business investigations. We can help you to obtain any information and evidence required in order to safeguard your business.

This includes employee investigations services which gives us the opportunity to discover and evidence cases of moonlighting, sharing or selling intellectual property or data, false sick leave claims, employees setting their own businesses up or undertaking work for a competitor.

Our health and safety surveillance services can identify whether or not all the correct procedures are being undertaken, protecting you and your workers from any legal cases which could arise.

We also provide a due diligence service on your behalf where we can investigate potential clients, employees or any other businesses you are considering partnering with.

Finally, we can deliver exhaustive physical penetration testing, we can rigorously put your own business security measures under the microscope helping to identify any areas of your company security which stand in need of improvement.

Commercial Investigations
Business Investigations In Loughborough
Cheating Partner
Cheating Partner Investigations in Loughborough

Cheating Partner Investigations in Loughborough

If you feel you are being cheated on we can help you! Another of our most demanded services are matrimonial or cheating partner investigations, where individuals are looking to gain evidence of a cheating partner. If you suspect that your wife/girlfriend or husband/boyfriend is a cheater, we can help you get hold of all the evidence you need for use in court cases.

We recognise this is a tough situation to find yourself in and as such we aim to be extremely tactful in how we perform this type of investigation. We know that situations involving an unfaithful spouse are sensitive and emotional, and so we provide our service with tremendous care and respect. Beginning with a discreet phone conversation, right the way through to the completed service, we will always endeavour to perform our work both professionally and as efficiently as possible to help capture the evidence required quickly and with as little stress as possible.

Child Protection Investigations in Loughborough

Child Protection can be a huge concern for some parents and guardians. The main intention of this type of investigation is to try to ascertain whether or not your young ones are being correctly looked after whilst you are not in custody of them, ensuring that no harm is coming to them.

The child protection surveillance we undertake are always performed in the most attentive manner, helping you understand who your kids are with, if they are being cared for correctly, what they are doing or where they are.

This work is always a ‘fly on the wall’ scenario, providing you with the assurance that your children are being correctly cared for, we can also see how their guardians are responding to them and if they are content in their company.

If there has been a legal ruling and the courts have placed limitations on who your loved ones can see, we are able to determine if these restrictions are being respected.

All of the evidence we gather is acquired in the least intrusive way possible, which helps to ensure that we aren’t breaching any human rights.

cohabitation Investigation
Child Protection Investigations In Loughborough
Counter Surveillance In Loughborough

Counter Surveillance Services in Loughborough

Do you have the feeling that you are being followed or observed? If so we can help you minimise this by teaching you some of our anti-surveillance techniques. We will demonstrate to you how altering your day-to-day behaviours can vastly reduce the effectiveness of somebody performing surveillance on you. We can discuss the best ways to go about your day to day life in order to reduce the risks.

In some cases where you feel the need, we can also provide expert counter-surveillance teams who will be able to highlight whether there are other people performing surveillance on you by shadowing your movements, but please remember they are there to help you! These will all be current private investigator Loughborough operators. 

Another service which can help is our bug sweeping service, this helps to make sure you are not being listened to or watched without your knowledge.

People Tracing Services in Loughborough

Being unable to locate a loved one is heartbreaking; our missing persons investigations can help you to locate them and put your mind at ease. The service we provide to help find your missing person is primarily used to help people discover the whereabouts of lost relatives or old friends, however we also work with companies, helping them to trace down debtors or employees that are no longer showing up for work.

Our basic service is delivered on a “no find, no fee” basis, however we also provide a more all-inclusive service where we undertake an “open source intelligence investigation” using information and data which is available to the public via the internet.

Before any work on missing persons is carried out we also perform our own due diligence to ensure that if we are able to locate them they come to no harm themselves.

People Tracing Services
People Tracing Services in Loughborough
GPS Vehicle Tracking
Vehicle Tracking in Loughborough

Vehicle Tracking In Loughborough

A huge part of our services includes vehicle tracking, we can help track personal vehicles as well as fleet vehicles for businesses. We utilise GPS tracking devices which are placed on your subject’s vehicle. These devices communicate with a smartphone app or a piece of software on your computer. This allows you to see the location of the vehicle 24/7.

The app/software is easy to use and very intuitive, we can show you how the software works and how you can see where your vehicles are, where they have been, how fast they were travelling and how often they made stops.

Contact our private investigator Loughborough team today to discuss your requirements for vehicle tracking in Loughborough.

Surveillance Services In Loughborough

If you require somebody to carry out surveillance work on your behalf we are happy to oblige. We have a highly experienced team of surveillance specialists who are usually from a military or law enforcement background. Our expert private investigator Loughborough have many years of experience in performing surveillance and have a vast number of operations under their belts, throughout the UK and further a field within Europe and even globally in some cases.

There are three main types of surveillance we can provide, static, vehicle and on foot.

Our Static Surveillance service is where we “stake out” from a predefined address or area. You inform us of where you want us to watch and we will stay on location for as long as is needed or until all the correct evidence has been obtained.

Mobile or vehicle surveillance is quite often the most utilised type of investigation we perform. We use discreet vehicles to “follow” your subject, where we can successfully obtain the information and evidence from our surveillance vehicles. We sit and wait for movement and then we follow your subject, staying out of sight and operating as discreetly as possible.

In cases where vehicles cannot be used or your subject isn’t within a specific location we can undertake “foot surveillance”. This is often the only option in built up areas and large cities where vehicle movements are restricted. If you know that the subject of investigation doesn’t drive or if they regularly use buses and other public transport foot surveillance is also the best option for this. If there is a requirement for us to get up close to a subject where we can listen into conversations they are having foot surveillance allows us to do that.

surveillance services
Surveillance Services In Loughborough
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