Private Investigator Long Eaton

The Private Investigator Long Eaton team at Delta 74 Private Investigations provide a wide range of commercial and personal investigation and surveillance services throughout Long Eaton and the surrounding areas.

With a wealth of experience and a team of highly trained investigators, you can rely on our services to uncover the information you need. Our services range from locating missing people and child protection investigations to commercial penetration testing and bug sweeping.

Private Investigator Long Eaton

Our investigators have a background in undertaking operations for the police service and armed forces, so you can be sure they have the technical knowledge and skill to investigate your case thoroughly. Operating in and around the Long Eaton area means they can undertake operations discreetly and utilise their in-depth knowledge of the local area to provide the information and results you need.

So whether you need evidence of a cheating husband or wife, or you believe you’re being watched and need some advice, simple contact our team at Delta 74 today.

Business And Commercial Investigations

Our investigators work with a range of businesses in the Long Eaton area, to assist with commercial investigations. We can undertake checks on colleagues, employees and clients, or help to protect your valuable assets and intellectual property and test your security to identify areas of weakness.

Speak to our business surveillance specialists today to find out more.

Private And Family Investigations

Our private investigation services are the perfect solution if you have a family concern you’re struggling to resolve. This could be gaining evidence of a cheating partner ready for a divorce hearing, or utilising our sensitive child protection services to monitor the care your child is receiving when they are not with you.

Our Private Investigator Long Eaton team can discuss your case and recommend the best course of action to obtain the evidence you need to protect yourself, your family and your assets.

You can trust our team to handle your concerns professionally and discreetly, from the initial phone call with us, through to the handover of evidence. Contact our team of family investigators in Long Eaton today to discuss your requirements.

Private Investigator Long Eaton
Cheating Partner
Cheating Partner Investigations in Long Eaton

Cheating Partner Investigations in Long Eaton

If you suspect your partner is having an affair, or hiding something from you, be it criminal activity, gambling or something else, our matrimonial investigators in Long Eaton are on hand to uncover the truth.

Our private investigators can get you the evidence you need to confront a lying partner, whether you just need peace of mind or you need evidence to support a divorce or child custody case.

We understand that the circumstances surrounding the end of a relationship can be very stressful and upsetting. That’s why our team carries out their work quickly and sensitively, from the first phone contact with our investigators, through to the completed handover of evidence.

So if you need help to confront a cheating partner or proof that your husband or wife is doing something they shouldn’t be doing, simply get in touch with our team today to find out how our surveillance services in Long Eaton can help.

People Tracing Services in Long Eaton

If you’ve lost touch with a family member, friend or even an employee, our people tracing services are available throughout Long Eaton and can track people as far as is necessary to discover their current location.

Our team of missing persons investigators have years of experience tracing people across the country and even overseas, and with expert training and access to the latest technology, you can rely on our team to track down your loved one or essential person quickly and effectively.

As a business owner, you may need to track an old employee who has information you need, or a client that owes you a debt. We can help you to find any intellectual property, money or assets so you can begin the recovery process.

We offer 2 main packages; a ‘no find, no fee’ service, ideal for straightforward cases of finding long lost friends, and a more in-depth open source investigation, that uses online data and public information to track down individuals that may not want to be found.

Contact our expert people tracing investigators in Long Eaton for professional and effective tracking services.

People Tracing Services
People Tracing Services in Long Eaton
GPS Vehicle Tracking
Vehicle Tracking in Long Eaton

Vehicle Tracking In Long Eaton

Vehicle tracking services utilise the latest technology to monitor the movements of your vehicle. We can install a small, discreet GPS device within the vehicle that will record and track every journey. This technology can provide you with information about locations, journeys, stops and timings, so you get a report detailing exactly where the driver has been.

This technology is often used to detect cheating spouses, and by businesses who need to track a company vehicle or fleet of vehicles. The software can be installed on your own PC or downloaded to your smartphone, so you can also log in and check the vehicle’s whereabouts in real time.

Contact the private investigator Long Eaton team at Delta 74 today to find out more about our vehicle tracking services in Long Eaton, our team can recommend the right package to obtain the information you need.

Business Investigators in Long Eaton

Delta 74 have a team of commercial investigators on hand to assist with any business or corporate cases. You can rely on our experts to help you safeguard your business against intruders, disgruntled employees, fraudulent claims, misconduct, criminal behaviour and digital threats.

Keeping your business physically and digitally secure is a priority for business owners and so we can dispatch an investigator to undertake an in-depth penetration test. They will identify any areas of your business that are exposed to potential intruders or cyber threats, and recommend measures to reinforce your security.

We offer health and safety surveillance that will assess the risks to your business from claims, legal proceedings or investigations by authorities. We can recommend steps to protect your company, your reputation and yourself so you can create a lawful and secure workplace.

If you need to have an employee, ex-employee, potential business partner or client investigated prior to onboarding them, we can undertake a thorough due diligence check of their background and current situation so you rest assured that your business is in safe and trustworthy hands.

Commercial Investigations
Business Investigations In Long Eaton
Bug Sweeping Services
Bug Sweeping - Listening Device

Bug Sweeping In Long Eaton

Delta 74 offers a range of technical counter surveillance services in Long Eaton to both business clients, who may be concerned a competitor is watching them, or private individuals who may be subject to harassment or stalking.

Bugs are small electronic devices that are easily available on the internet and can be discreetly installed in homes, vehicles or workplaces to watch and listen to private activities. If you’re concerned someone may be watching you with the help of electronic bugs, give our team a call today. We can arrange a thorough bug sweeping service of your property that will identify the presence, location, type and, possibly even the owner, of any bugs.

Once identified, we can remove the bugs quickly, and provide them as evidence to you should you need to pursue legal recourse.

Child Protection Investigations in Long Eaton

Shared custody arrangements can be very stressful for parents, especially if you don’t trust that your children are being cared for in the right way. Delta 74 provides a range of child protection services to families in Long Eaton so we can monitor and evidence the care your child is receiving when they are away from you.

You may have a child protection order in place that restricts your child’s contact with certain people, or you could be worried that your teenager is involved with people or activities that are putting them at risk. Our investigators will discreetly monitor your child’s activities, and their guardian’s behaviour, and provide a comprehensive report with video recorded evidence to support it.

Our vehicle tracking, foot and static surveillance services are provided by well-trained investigators who understand how sensitive child protection matters are. All cases involving children are thoroughly risk assessed to ensure we work diligently, carefully and inline with the law at all times.

So if you’re worried about your children and you can’t be with them at all times, put your trust in our expert team. Our fly on the wall investigatory services will uncover the truth to put your mind at rest, or support a child protection court case, if needed.

cohabitation Investigation
Child Protection Investigations In Long Eaton
Counter Surveillance In Long Eaton

Counter Surveillance Services in Long Eaton

Do you feel like someone is watching you, following you for listening in to your phone calls? Perhaps it’s an ex-partner, business partner or your employer checking up on you? Whatever the situation, we can uncover the truth and help you to protect yourself from prying eyes.

Our expert anti-surveillance team will discuss your case and teach you how to alter your day to day routines and journeys to make it difficult for anyone investigating you, to keep up.

Our investigators can discreetly shadow you, following you as you go about your normal daily activities. They will monitor your surroundings and identify anyone that may be watching you. We can also undertake a thorough bug sweeping service to find and remove any electronic devices that may have been installed in your home, vehicle or other location.

So whether you’ve got something to hide, you’re worried someone is trying to gain evidence against you or you think your business is under threat of espionage, call us today. Our counter surveillance services in Long eaton will help you feel safe and secure again.

Surveillance Services In Long Eaton

Our team of private investigators have previously worked for the military and the police, and with many years of successful operations under their belts you can be sure they have both the professional skill and the latest technology needed to investigate your case effectively to provide the results you need.

Every case and situation is unique, so you need an investigator who knows how to structure an investigation that will be successful. Whether you need a local investigator, to uncover evidence in the Long Eaton area, or your case spans a larger area, we can adapt to any situation or locality.

So if you’re looking for a professional and discreet team to undertake surveillance in the Long Eaton area, contact the Private Investigator Long Eaton team at Delta 74 today. Our team will quickly find out the truth for you.

surveillance services
Surveillance Services In Long Eaton
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