Hints and Tips for the New Surveillance Operative

A lot of my blog readers seem to be within the surveillance and investigations industry or people looking to get into it and with the amount of military leavers only ever increasing, surveillance is often a go to career choice. I have worked with lots of new starters now and probably will continue to [...]

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What Surveillance Can’t Do

Here at Delta 74 Private Investigations we get a lot of calls which can sometimes lead to a prospective client unhappily turning away from our services, simply because we can’t do everything they’ve seen on television. So, for this month’s blog I want to discuss what surveillance can’t do. Thankfully we are back up [...]

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How I Became a Private Investigator

As the owner/founder of Delta 74 Private Investigations and a private investigator it is a job I love and so far is a very rewarding career choice for me. One thing I love about it is that it really can take you anywhere in the world at any moment.  How I became a private [...]

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Coronavirus and Private Investigations

These are terrible circumstances we face and I hope you are reading this in good health whilst safe and comfortable during the lockdown. Now you have time on your hands to read my posts I want to talk about coronavirus and private investigations. We are here in a limited capacity to help you during this [...]

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Private Investigations and HR

It may not be your first thought that private investigations and HR issues in the workplace go hand-in-hand. Let us tell you why this is not the case and how the two services can in fact complement each other very well. Your first question might be, when would it be necessary? There are lots [...]

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3 Reasons Why Private Investigators Get Better Results

Don’t see the need for a professional private investigator? Think you can do it yourself? Here are 3 reasons why private investigators get better results.. In today’s world everyone has a video camera on hand, almost turning everyone into a potential investigator ready to capture evidence, but I want to discuss the benefits of using [...]

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Child Protection at Christmas

Christmas is a time for families coming together and creating happy memories. That said, for children whose parents are split, they will spend time between their mum and dad. For some parent’s this is a nightmare. A day of absolute dread. Our Child Protection service at Christmas allows worried parents to know exactly what is [...]

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Private Investigations and the Law

It is a shadowy grey area for private investigations and the law at the moment, and has been for some time. Ex-Prime Minister Theresa May said when she was the Home Secretary ‘It is vital we have proper regulation of private investigators to ensure rigorous standards in this sector and the respect of individuals’ rights [...]

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What Makes a Good Private Investigator?

A question I get asked almost every time I get into conversation with people about what I do. It is also quite a hot topic between many investigators within the industry too. We have received a few CVs now from potential private investigators looking to work with us so hopefully this post will help to [...]

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