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Is your partner heading back to a work lover as lockdown lifts?

Lockdown 2 has seen couples cooped up together again for weeks. Perhaps you and your partner have taken advantage of all the extra time together, and enjoyed romance and intimacy whilst you’ve been locked inside. Or perhaps, it’s been a time of stress and boredom.

Has your partner been more distant, despite the physical closeness of the past few weeks? Have they been chomping at the bit to get back to work or the gym? Do you suspect that, as soon as they can, they’ll be heading back into the arms of a lover at the office or restarting that affair they’ve been hiding from you?

Lockdown Freedom Leads To Affairs

During the last lockdown, websites such as Gleedon (a French dating website aimed at facilitating extramarital affairs), saw a 70% increase in memberships, and Illicit Encounters (the UK’s leading married dating website) saw a 15% spike in activity online.

Immediately following the lockdown, 38% of people admitted to cheating on their partner once they got back to the office. For some, this was a one-off, taking advantage of a feeling of freedom after spending months under tight restrictions and with limited company. For others, this was a return to the norm, heading straight back into their office love affair, after it had been forced to stop in March.

Cheating Partner

Signs Of A Lockdown Cheater

Catching a lockdown cheater might sound easy, after all, you’re stuck at home with them all day everyday, how much can they realistically hide from you?

However, cheats, and especially those hiding long-term affairs or repeated trysts, are very good at covering their tracks. Even when confronted, you might recognise lines like “don’t you trust me?”, or “it’s just someone at work.”

Have a look over our top 5 signs of a cheater in lockdown to see if your suspicions are justified:

1. Constantly on their phone

If your partner is always on their phone, and is very secretive about what they’re doing, it could be that they are in contact with their lover. Perhaps it’s an old flame, a co-worker or someone new they’ve met online.

2. Uninterested in intimacy

If you’ve been trying to initiate closeness with your partner, but they aren’t interested, it could be that they’re thinking of someone else, or feeling bored of your company.

3. Making excuses to leave the house

If the cupboards are full, but your partner is popping to the shop every other day for pointless ‘essentials’, they could be taking the time to have a private phone call, or even break the lockdown rules and meet up with their lover.

Source: Swlondoner.co.uk
Source: Swlondoner.co.uk

4. Working longer hours

If your partner is logging into their work computer out of their normal working hours, or sending work emails at strange times, there’s a chance those messages aren’t work-related at all.

5. Staying up later than you

If your partner never comes to bed at the same time as you, instead choosing to stay up late and sneak into bed long after you’ve gone to sleep, they might be taking that time to chat online with their lover.

6. A new interest in keeping fit

If your partner has suddenly become more interested in running, walking, cycling or even walking the dog, it may just be an excuse for them to get out of the house. 

Is It Really Over?

For many, lockdown has opened their eyes to the realities of their relationship. As a result, it’s likely that even previously faithful partners might be looking for some escapism in the arms of another lover.

Many relationships have broken down due to the stress of lockdown. The forced closeness, lack of other company and petty arguments have resulted in lots of people calling time on their partner.

On the other hand, if your partner hasn’t been living with you through Covid, the problem could be the exact opposite. The novelty of Lockdown 1 quickly wore off, and for many, so did the thrill of distanced relationships, with a lack of attention and trust resulting in relationships coming to an end.

Are You Giving It Another Go?

Perhaps, you saw the signs above and confronted your cheating partner, bringing their extramarital affair to light. For many, this would normally spell the end, but during a global pandemic, you might have been tempted to give it another try, working harder at your relationship and forgiving your unfaithful spouse.

Now as lockdown is lifting, you might find yourself regretting that decision.

Although there are still restrictions in many places, if your partner is about to head back out into the world, do you trust them to stay true to their word and remain faithful, or do you suspect they’ll be heading straight back to their lover as soon as they can?

How to Catch a Lockdown Cheat

1. Ask Them!

Firstly, try asking them. If your partner has been maintaining a secret relationship through two lockdowns and a global pandemic, they must be pretty committed to it. They might just be looking for an excuse to end the relationship with you.

If that’s the case, confronting them will mean they can finally admit the truth. It might not be the result you wanted, but if you’re fed up with the lies, it’s one way to get to the bottom of it. 

2. Investigate!

If your partner denies any affair, it’s likely they’ll start to be more careful now they know you suspect them.

You could try checking their phone messages, call log and even their emails. You might get lucky and uncover the evidence you need to support your suspicions.

3. Call in the Experts!

The final option you should consider is calling in a private detective. More and more people are relying on the expert investigative skills of a professional PI to uncover the truth for them.

With vehicle tracking and surveillance, the discreet services of a professional will get you all the evidence you need, much quicker and with less stress than trying to find it out yourself.

Private Investigator

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